3 Important Takes On "The Social Dilemma"

I was fortunate to be part of a Slack discussion about "The Social Media Dilemma" where reviews of the film were shared that expanded my mind. Thoughtful folks here might appreciate them, as well:

The Social Dilemma is a clever but simplistic drama-documentary
By Adi Robertson

This Twitter thread by Pranav Malhotra

This Twitter thread by Anasuya Sengupta

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    'Social media '. They connect people, help us to keep up with our friends and families, and that’s a good thing. But they also turn us into products by tracking our preferences and behaviors and selling that information to advertisers. If it’s used to sell for ex. hair products to people who actually need them, that’s OK. But when user data is deployed to push us into certain political decisions, interfering in the democratic process, it’s time to worry.

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      Have you watched the film yet?

      The stuff they focus on is fixable, IMO. We can change the algorithms. We can turn off notifications. We can enact regulation just like we eventually did with television (have you ever seen the film, "Quiz Show?"). But the deadlier undertow is the active effort by extremists to recruit new people via subtle, longer-term processes that are far less obvious and not nearly as easy to fix.

      It's sort of alluded to in the fictional narrative, but it's not at all made clear how it works. It'll still be there after/if we fix the algorithms. First-level attempts at it can be seen right here on IH, frankly.

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        Haven't seen Quiz show but I'll watch it. I agree with you.

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    I didn't watch all of it yet, does it cover the fact that social media is sexualising children?

    e.g. https://youtu.be/UqvYmqdhOus?t=817

    (TikTok is full of thousands of these "young girls seeking attention")

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