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3 Mistakes You Make Everyday When You Wake Up 😲

Siddhita Upare @siddhitaupare

Most people have read or heard about the optimizing their mornings but 99% of them fail to actually take the effort to work on it. I am sure most of you have heard this phrase -

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you need to do is wake up! - J.M Power

That's why I decided to share these 3 mistakes that can totally help you spike your productivity throughout the day. Trust me, I used to make the same mistakes until I decided to change for good.

Mistake 1 - Failing to Declutter Your Brain 🧠

I cannot stress on how important it is for you to dump all your ideas on to a sheet in the morning itself. When you do that, you regain lot of brain power that would have rather been used up in remembering the tasks throughout the day.
There are several methods to build the habit of To-Do lists such as using sticky notes and maintaining sheets.

Solution 👇

When I began using To-Do lists, I couldn't find a perfect solution, so I created a simple application called Brutask ( to manage my to-do lists. It's free to use so do give a try and see if that works for you!

Mistake 2 - Drinking Coffee

Okay coffee lovers, don't pounce on me yet.
coffee jumper

Drinking coffee (in limit quantities of course) in itself isn't wrong. However, the timing you choose can surely have an impact on your body. According to a medical study, the stress hormones in your body are at its highest levels in the early hours. Drinking coffee further pushes these levels, thus increasing your stress without you realizing it.

Solution 👇

Try drinking coffee between 10am to 12pm or 2pm to 5pm, when your cortisol stress levels are the lowest.

Mistake 3 - Attacking Several Tasks

Relax, You are just one human! Do you know that multitasking can actually reduce your productivity? If you choose to focus on one task with dedication, you will get more work done in less amount of time.

Solution 👇

The best way to overcome this issue is to make 40-60 minute blocks of time and focusing on single task during that duration. Also, try taking 15 minute breaks between 2 working blocks.

Now that you know these three mistakes, don't just bookmark or upvote it. Execute on it and make the difference for yourself!

I hope that you found this post useful!

Know more mistakes that you make? Let's learn together and help other indiehackers! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 👇

Have a great day! ❤️

  1. 1

    3 really good points! I can suggest also doing workout in early morning, I use to run 30 min, it boost my day 🔥

  2. 1

    My brother was visiting a while back and he without fail takes a walk every hour for 10 mins for his breaks during the workday. I joined him on those walks and found them very refreshing.

    1. 1

      Walking is something I've been trying out myself and it's been going pretty well actually!

  3. 1

    Chaos is in the nature. I would rather be in a state of flow.

  4. 1

    Such an insightful perspective ! Talking about caffeine, I try everyday to minimize the intake. Haha.

    But I am loving Brutask . It helps me to declutter the mind and focus on the most important tasks.

  5. 1

    ☕️coffee lover thing is so true. It becomes a automatic craving the moment you wake up. Like saying hello in call. No control.

  6. 1

    Thanks & I love the approach.
    As a coffee lover I have to challenge the coffee task ;)
    Doesn't it depend on the time you wake up rather than a specific hour? How many hours after waking up are the cortisol levels the lowest? That would make more sense I guess, or?

    1. 2

      Glad I could help!

      Well, it depends on what time you wake up indeed. The timings that I gave were based off the medical study conducted. However, that being said, I would probably keep a margin of 2-3 hours to drink coffee after waking up .

      1. 1

        thanks for the clarification! still a hard challenge though :D

        1. 1

          haha that's equally true! I wish you all the power to overcome it!

  7. 1

    decluttering brain with a task list is a real game changer. not just in the morning.

    1. 1

      Bang on point @brunor! I hope more people realize the power of this habit

  8. 1

    the one thing that im sure will boost my productivity is to wake early, but unfortunately it just doesn't happens lol

    1. 2

      @fathih567 I can totally understand and relate to what you just said!
      I found out a method on Linkedin that has worked for me slowly but steadily -

      • find interesting podcast shows you would like to hear on apps like Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts
      • setup an automation activity where a particular podcasts begins to play when you press the stop alarm or snooze alarm button. You can use automation apps to set this up (like iphones have an app called shortcuts inside which you can setup automation)

      In this way, when you wake up, your subconscious mind consumes highly useful content from the podcast and you eventually wake up after 2-3 mins. If you feel like pausing the podcast, its not that easy and as a result, you eventually end up waking up!

      Do give it a try!

      1. 1

        Ey cool, smart one! I´ll replace drinking jerry cans of coffee with the podcast method. Thnx! 🙋‍♀️

        1. 1

          Haha good luck with that idea @maevaeverywhere! I hope it surely helps you in the long run!

      2. 1

        tbh i dont listen much to podcasts, but anyway as you have said i will definetely give it a shot.

        Can you suggest me some good podcast that you personally like.

  9. 1

    Great post @siddhitaupare!
    I think another mistake many people commit is failing to make their bed in the morning itself. Having tried it myself, I can say that it actually instills discipline inside any person.

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot @harshvijay!
      Yes, making bed is indeed another important achievement that can happen in the morning.

  10. 1

    I just put Bailey's in my coffee; it all evens out.

    1. 1

      Haha, that's another way to go!

  11. 1

    Small, yet a truly important read (especially on a Monday morning)!

  12. 1

    Thanks a lot for sharing this @siddhitaupare!
    I loved the way you gave solutions to every mistake haha! Brutask is really good! I have been using it since you launched it!
    Thanks for keeping it free to use!

    1. 1

      Glad to hear that you are loving it @FilmyMarketer!
      There are some really cool updates coming along in the next few months, do stay tuned for that!

      1. 1

        That's awesome! Sure thing!

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