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3 Things People Want to Read: Entertainment, Education, Inspiration

Hieu Nguyen (Jack) @hieunc

I came across a great post about types of content that readers want, and wanted to share. Here is the summary:

When writing, remember that the content is for your audience, don't make it too personal. You can be authentic, unique, and sincere, but your writing has to do one of these three things to succeed:

  • Entertain, because your post is competing for the attention with other posts, movies, apps
  • Educate, because people want to learn new things. You don't need to be an expert, just share what you know.
  • Inspire, because it gives hope, and sometimes change people life

Great writing is alchemy — you take bits of entertainment, mix in some education, and add a dash of inspiration, in order to create remarkable work.

Original post: The Only 3 Types of Writing People Actually Want to Read, by Ayodeji Awosika

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    Nice summary @hieunc. Very on point!

    1. 1

      Thanks Gordon! I do like to be straghtforward

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    Interesting points made! Thank you for the summary.

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    Interesting ideas @hieunc - I'm in the middle of restructuring the content direction of my newsletter about virtual events.

    How'd you suggest I pick the options above. Would love to hear your advice :)

    1. 1

      Hey @felix12777, I took some time to think about your question, come up with a thought (without enough info):

      Have you considered besides tools, help people with common issues when working online? (technical issues, performance, skills, presentation, etc.)

      For example, use content that helps people in the office environment, and matches it to the online work environment:

      • Tips for a job interview -> Tips for an online job interview
      • Better meetings -> Better online meetings
      • Manage team -> Manage team online
      • Tips to organize online events for the organizer (how to organize, technical issues)
      • Tips to get the best out of online events for participants (start a conversation, get connections, etc.)
        And so on...

      What do you think? Also, what is your goal for Virtual Mojito?

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    Agree here, but I think Entertain part is the toughest part. Do you know any good resources which provide some tips, how to write with some fun and humor?

    1. 1

      @Dinesht, I don't have the resources. Humor is hard, especially it is different between audience, age, area, etc. I once make a joke on 9gag that has +1.5k likes, and not even that funny to me.

      Though, your writing doesn't have to have all 3 things. Maybe pick one that you're comfortable with

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