300M products and 600K Shops🧐: 2021 Shopify dropshipping report 📚

Hi there!

There is not a simple, yet complete Shopify dropshipping reports out there.

Sure, there are market research studies, but this is not what most dropshippers or Shopify store owners want, that's why we created this report:

🟢 https://blog.shopgram.io/key-statistics-of-shopify-dropshipping-june-2021/

It's all there, for free.

Some quick things we found out after crawling all these stores and products:

1️⃣ Around 13% of Shopify stores are doing dropshipping
2️⃣63% of Shopify stores are US-based
3️⃣Oberlo has the highest market share
4️⃣Things to wear are the most popular products to sell.

So whether you're a store owner yourself, dropshipper, agency or even are thinking about starting on Shopify, this report could give you some nice insights.

Feel free to comment on what may be missing from this report, what you think we should add to it and any other suggestions!💡

  1. 2

    This is very cool! how do you get this data?

    1. 1

      Thanks! Basically, Shopify stores have a unique subdomain of myshopify.com, if we find these subdomains, we have the complete list. Also, Shopify servers have a few IP addresses which serve stores. Hence we could find all stores by finding domains that point to those IP addresses

      1. 1

        I am not the target market for this data, but I find it impressive that you have so much data on individual products. I assume a lot of scraping went into building the site?

        I have so many ideas to build something off of scraping data. But I am also worried about the legality of it.

        Also, what is your business model?

  2. 2

    Great report, thanks for that!!
    How do you find out which products are using a dropsgipping service (including printful)?

    1. 1

      This was a bit complicated, each dropshipping platform had some different criteria, so we created different algorithms to configure where each product came from.

      It was a rather complex problem for us too and would need a different post that can be explained :)

  3. 2

    Nice report! Interesting to know that 63% of Shopify stores are in the US, would not have guessed that it was that high!

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