Landing Page Feedback May 23, 2019

3rd iteration on my landing page (this time I've got it - I think)

Marcin Czech @IdeaRoots

After 2 rounds of the great feedback by IH, I have pivoted with the landing page and product to focus more on "study" - rather than "memorization for professionals". This was consistent with the feedback I've got from a couple of early adopters.

Would appreciate any type of feedback at this stage, including typos etc.
As this time I cannot see easily how I could improve.


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    I didn't understand from the headline what it does.. "ace your exam is good" but very underemphasized.

    I liked the your bold words on each section (like Recall Questions and Study flow), I'd suggest to make it into the first sentence people see

    something like: "Learn better by answering questions via spaced repetition system that keeps you in a study flow"

    I don't think the integrations info is so important that it need to be so high on the page..

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      Thank You for great feedback @amitkaz
      Very good points.
      Changed slogan copy, moved integrations to the bottom. WDYT?

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        way better, gj!

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    Hey @IdeaRoots - Who is your customer?

    I looked at the landing page and I honestly couldn't figure this out. I feel like there is some real intelligence behind this. You talk about scientific learning processes but you don't make it very easy to comprehend right away, so there is a cognitive load.

    I love brain and memory games, apps and techniques, so I feel like I would be interested in this if I could just understand it.

    I looked up "Spaced Repetition" so that I wouldn't feel completely ignorant to what you're offering. There were two sites that very succinctly summed up the benefits to this concept. - "Get Better Test Results In Half the Time!" - "SmartCards+ is a smarter way to learn just about anything"

    Both of those lead with the benefit. Both of those are pretty clear that students are their primary customers.

    I would identify who your primary customer is and write to them. Once you do that, you can draw out the benefits to using your app.

    Something like - "Improve your memory and ace your next exam, actually ace every exam from now on"

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      Hey @dmontooth
      Thank You for your feedback.

      There are two types of users :

      1. main - someone that studies for exams
      2. productivity oriented professionals (with Evernote)

      You are right, there is a cognitive load. Cleaned it up + changed the slogan. WDYT?

      smardcardsplus example is great. Haven't seen them before. They managed to explain everything in a short video. Will learn from them.

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        It's definitely better. I see a benefit right away. In regards to there being two types of users, I would write for each respectively. Maybe even have a landing page for each type of user.

        Or, go a little more general like this -

        You could have a "NeuraCache for Students"and tailor messaging towards them.

        It's harder to write copy for multiple audiences and keep it cohesive while connecting with all of them.

        You're moving in the right direction though.

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    I would go with a header like "Ace your exams", then a subheader "NeuraCache helps you easily remember your notes using spaced repetition."

    For the integrations add a currently integrated with evernote just above the download links.

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      thanks @volkandkaya
      adjusted slogan, wdyt?

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    My $0.02... since you're working on additional integrations, I wouldn't tightly couple yourself to Evernote. With that, studying sucks, I don't want to study, I want to ace my next quiz. I'd position that one liner to paint a picture of success. Give people the "why" and not the "what". Something like "Ace your next test using your own notes" or whatever.

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      Thanks @joshtronic
      That's a good point. Something like :

      "Take notes with Evernote.
      Ace your exams with NeuraCache."

      Does sound more mobilizing. Will give it more thoughts.

      At the moment the apps work only with Evernote - I found out that I need to let people know that before they install the app whenever I can - otherwise they download and uninstall instantly which does not do good for app store seo.

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        Ah, that's a fair point, don't want people being pissed at ya. Love the "Ace your exams..." part. As mentioned, it's really about selling this vision of how life can be for your potential customers. Could even position yourself as an alternative to studying. "Studying sucks, NeuraCache makes it suck less"... or whatever you come up with :)

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          @joshtronic :) please checkout updated ver
          I like this much more