$40k MRR and got listed on GrowthRanker top growing. AMA

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    1. Very very cool. I love seeing people making it here all the way to profitability, and you made it, and then some...

    2. Isn't GrowthRanker yours? 😁 Obama medal meme

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      Lol your meme game is on point!! 😂😏

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      Thank you @Yarduza!

      Yes, I am one of the co-founders of GrowthRanker, but I do not control how companies get listed, it is purely based on revenue growth. No Ads, no sponsors, and no listing manipulation. It was built to help motivate IHs to build in public.

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    Super fast! You were at 20k a week ago.

    What's your secret?

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      Three things:

      1. Focus on one customer persona.
      2. Moved upmarket by targeting larger lead persona
      3. Annual contracts (creates revenue volatility, but It's okay as long as you keep at it)
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    The milestones don't stop 🚀

    Awesome work. Absolutely love the problem you're solving.

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    Amazing how you floated in the 10 range for almost a year and then it hockey sticked itself to glory

    What was the big shift that happened from May to April, clearly something occurred, beyond the persona shift and revenue plan change, anything else?

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      Thank you!

      I became full-time in march, and three fundamentals helped us grow as I mentioned above:

      • Focus on our ideal customers (just one persona)
      • Moved upmarket (targeted larger customers)
      • Annual contracts
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    This is awesome! I'll definitely try it when the time comes. So, it lets me embed a page where my visitor can subscribe to a premium subscription (SAAS), and a page where that customer can cancel...

    Does BillFlow provide a page where my customer can upgrade/downgrade their subscription? Or do they have to cancel their existing subscription and buy a new one?

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      Thanks @techy_tools
      Yes, Billflow's embeddable customer allows your customers to upgrade/downgrade/cancel/resubscribe on their existing subscription.

      We are also adding new features to let them add Add-ons to existing subscriptions as well in July :)

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    It's great to hear this and I feel good when some indie reach their goal. Just we have launch our website builder https://aligly.com before two days.
    How much time it take to reach here after launch?
    is any marketing tactic?

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      We launched the platform in Sep 2019, so almost close to two years. But I also made many mistakes along the way.
      Marketing depends on your customer persona, product, positioning, and many other factors.
      Who is the best customer for Aligly?

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        It has landing page, Popups, Menu for multipages, Forms, Third Party Email integration, mini store stripe supported for now. I am planning to make more template to make niche for founders, bloggers, youtubers to sell books, create funnels, and create personal profile.

        is that fine or have any idea?

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    How did you get to your first $5k mrr?

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      That was a while ago. Some we got lucky with content marketing, some we got from Stripe partner page, and the rest were manual work. I think that question is best answered by founders who have just reached $5k-$10k MRR.

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