What's your top reason for being (or wanting to be) an indie hacker? #ask-ih

What's your top reason for being (or wanting to be) an indie hacker? #ask-ih

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    I want to work on my own terms, doing the things that intrinsically motivate me.

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      Same! I also believe that intrinsic motivators are typically strongest when they impact other people too.

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      Pretty much this. The best part is, I learned that when running a business, very little of the feedback you get matters. It's better to just make your own mistakes and fix them. Nobody can learn for you, you can only learn for yourself.

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      You expressed this better than I could have. That is exactly it.

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    • Autonomy in choice
    • Income growth not limited by company pay scale
    • Financial freedom
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    I come from a VC-funded background and realised I was spending most of my life making spreadsheets, getting screwed over by VCs and dealing with employee problems rather than focusing on what I love the most - making products.

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    I love working on software products and being an indie hacker is the only way to satisfy my curiosity and need for creativity.

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    Personal and financial freedom!

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    Try to build products nobody else would even think to try to make.

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    I'm an indiehacker because I failed in raising money for my last tech startup and I suffered extreme repetitive stress injuries in the ensuing year of working on it myself.

    Indiehacking is easier than building a startup and will hopefully lead to the resources to restart and self-fund the startup.

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    1. Autonomy - carving the path I feel most happy in and the one where I can achieve the most for myself and family.

    2. Impact - finding a way to have the greatest positive impact through my work.

    3. Cumulative revenue - building projects that have recurring revenue.

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    I love making products :) ! I hate it to work in a very big team in a corporate doing the same shit every day! Doing a product from scratch is really exciting, it makes you learn about the whole cycle, starting from choosing the name, theme, write code, market it, etc.

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    Time freedom.

    I previously worked at an ad agency — where I had to track my 8-hour days in 15-minute increments so we could bill clients appropriately. I found this painfully literal case of trading time for money to be really exhausting and frustrating.

    I'd much rather be compensated for the value I generate, not the amount of time I spend "working."

    P.S. The ability to choose what I work on — and what I don't — is also a major perk.

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    @csallen this is by far the best site for creators! I joined to help give and get feedback for my projucts.

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    I am a hardware maker. My reason is the freedom to be able to make unique products that may be only useful to a handful of people if I wish to.

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    My number one reason is to be able to practice a disciplined routine where I wake up early every day and work on writing or building product for 4 hours and doing so in a way that aligns with my personal values. If I can have a minimally viable life that affords me that opportunity, I'm confident that I will eventually build something that I can be proud of and that will support me and my family.

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    I value control. Control over my time, control over who I work with, control over what I work on.

    No one person can stop me. That is freedom in the truest sense!

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    Autonomy in my work and autonomy in my life.

    Currently, I cannot:

    • do anything without the permission of a product manager
    • bring my kids into the office at my big dumb corporate day job
    • work from home if I need to
    • hear myself think due to several loud speakerphone meetings going on in my open floorplan office
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    I love indie hacking because I make according to my own rhythm. I build whenever I want/can and I 'm only responsible to myself of the results.

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    Freedom is my main reason

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    Over the last 30 years I have spent most of my career programming for startup companies. I know people from those companies that made millions of dollars but did not put in the time that myself and other people further down the food chain did.

    I do not want to look back and say to myself, "What if I had tried programming my own products?" Even if I fail I will be able to look at myself in the mirror and say, "I tried it."

    Failure sucks, having never tried is worse!

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    I really like developing and building a product people love. The latter is hard to realize but hard things also motivate me!

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