5 Ways to go from 1k to 2k Newsletter Subscribers

I assume you have at least 1,000 subscribers.


  1. Ask for A Referral
  2. Create Content In Formats Subscribers Share Already
  3. Interviews
  4. Tidy Up Your Landing Pages
  5. Join a Growth Workshop

How'd You Get to 1k?

Determine where your first 1,000 subscribers came from. If you don't know, ask them.

Ask them directly, 1-to-1. Look through your subscribers, if you don't know someone, reach out.

Another tactic to find out more about them: Stalk Them

How to Stalk Online

Look at their linkedin profile. See what they like, see what they share.

Same on Twitter. Look at the actions they take. Consider a retweet as something they wish they said but that person said it better.

Now find the formats that they like. Write them down in a google Sheet. If you see patterns, write. Write that format for your newsletter, in your own voice.

This works very well if your newsletter is B2B.

You're looking for content and formats and types that they like.

Create a Calendly

Email directly 10 to 20 people. Ask for a coffee chat. Give them your calendly. it's free.

Leave 2 hours open each day for talking to subscribers.

Just talk.

At the end of the call, ask them if they know someone else who would like the newsletter. This is how you find out if referrals work. No need for a referral program if your readers don't want to refer anyone to you.

Note: If you want hands on help to grow, I'm holding a workshop for newsletters in September 2020, apply here


I wrote about how to interview people on HypeLetter Blog

In Summary: Create a google doc that asks 5 questions. Copy that for each person you're interviewing with their name.

Publish the answers in your newsletter, and on a blog. Promote the interview.

Note: If you want hands on help to grow, I'm holding a workshop for newsletters in September 2020, apply here

Update Your Landing Pages

This is more optimization than an additive growth tactic. You're bound to be getting traffic to your pages by now.

I'd go through each and every page and edit it. Within the first year of my newsletter I revisited all my landing pages, about pages, etc every month.

by the time I got to 1,000 subscribers I had sent 20 editions. I have at that point 20 pieces to relate to.

If someone lands here looking at this, I can now prove you missed something. Create FOMO. Show FOMO.

Don't just talk about what you send. Show what you sent.

Share the absolute best stuff.

Make sure you have testimonials and readers rave about you, for some reason.

More Growth Tactics in a Group

I'm holding a month long growth workshop for newsletters with at least 1,000 subscribers. We're go deeeeeeep.

Join us. You'll be matched with newsletters of similar size and myself.

I'll share with you everything I did to gain 7k subscribers in 2 years.

I'll share with you what got me 250 subscribers in 2 weeks. And you'll be able to replicate it. I hope you copy it.

We'll create internal assets to prepare your newsletter to sell sponsorships later. And those lists will turn into awesome shareable content for your readers.

We'll develop digital products quickly using templates and formats I know absolutely work.

Apply on HypeLetter for the workshop before Sept 1st

I'll also share what didn't work for me, and maybe you can do better.

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