50+ Best SaaS Podcasts 🎙

Hey everyone, we put together a directory with 50+ podcasts for fellow SaaS founders. Hope you find it useful. Indie Hackers in the very top, of course :) Especially proud of the "founder chat" category featuring many of our friends.

Find your next favorite show 👉

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    Huh, I was going to say that you missed Software Social (probably my new favourite podcast in the "indie founders chat about stuff" space), except it's in the "Design & Product" section, not "Founder Chat" where I expected to see it. I wouldn't say they talk about design especially, at the very least not more than they do the "Founder Chat" kinda thing.

    Also, would it be gauche to link our new podcast here? (Lemme know and I'll edit this part out.) My co-host and I are aiming to build a podcast in the "Founder Chat" category that ends up in lists like these, and we'd love any feedback we can get to work towards that! =) This week will mark episode ten, with special guest Lesley Sim (fellow Indie Hacker @lesleypizza) joining us to talk about her WordPress plugin Newsletter Glue!

    If that interests you, please check out The Modest Product Podcast: https://modprodpod.com/ and let us know what you think!

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      Hey Dan, thanks for pointing that out — that was likely a reordering bug, we know that Software Social is a founder chat :) That's fixed now.

      Happy to add your podcast, stay tuned 💪 Congrats on launching the show.

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        Hey, thanks, thanks, and thanks!

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            Awesome, thank you! We really appreciate it.

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    This is amazing! Bookmarked. It's one of those resources that I'll be referencing often. Thank you for doing the hard work.

    It would be nice to have an ongoing list (maybe Airtable) to keep adding new ones to.

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      Oh, thanks so much, glad it's useful! We're not planning to do an Airtable, but welcome to share good findings so that we can add them to the list.

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