57 IH Twitter Profiles & How To Boost Them [Updated!]

Hello there! Using guidelines and tips from many Twitter courses including @dvassallo's I wrote Stop Losing Potential Followers with These Fixes.

So last week @YannickVeys made the amazing offer in I'll help 3 indie hackers build their Twitter audience. I went through them one by one with the framework in action.

I've added 16 profiles in the 2nd batch :)

Tip: Use CMD/CTRL + F to find your Twitter handle

IH Username: @DailyDevTips
Twitter Handle: @DailyDevTips1
Comments: Awesome cover photo! Try adding specific languages and use cases that you specialise in would be great. You're not using a pinned tweet. Make sure "daily" is more than once a day, you need to tweet more often to get your tweets to show up in people's feed.

IH Username: @Straxx
Twitter Handle: @Strattoxx_
Comments: Please tell us a bit more on your bio. Have daily activities on your feed. And pin something cool about you.

IH Username: @botvader
Twitter Handle: @PaiNishant
Comments: Adding non-work bio is great too, it says more about you. You're doing great on replies with other people. Try ""retweet with comments"" rather than just retweet. More original tweets every day would be great. Great job building in the open!

IH Username: @Semy
Twitter Handle: @ux_daily
Comments: Once a day is too few for your tweets to show up in people's feed. Breaking down your longer content into Tweet tests help. Your external links are getting people EXIT Twitter AND your page. Sum up the articles into tweet threads, and leave the link at the end, but try Twitter native links would show up as Tweet cards which people prefer.

IH Username: @chrisma
Twitter Handle: @chr_sma
Comments: Rather than starting with your app, tell us who you are is the nicer start. You're interesting! What got you interested in mental health? Other details? Please stop using hashtags unless it's absolutely required. It looks spammy and is actually now a more IG culture not Twitter. Check out your favourite accounts, there's very few uses of hashtags. Please tweet daily, and give helpful content indirectly related to your project. Surely you would know a lot of tidbits about mental health that a lot of people don't know! Please use Twitter to find and reply to the most interesting people in mental health space every day.

IH Username: @navdeepsoni
Twitter Handle: @navdeepsoni
Comments: Very clear on the bio, great job! But if you're a pro photographer it would be better if your profile picture is not phone selfie. Hashtags look very spammy on Twitter unless absolutely required. Your favourite accounts are not using it. Please use whole links on Twitter, so you get Twitter cards. Your articles are GREAT! Please turn them into tweetstorms. Great job on replying to people keep going!

IH Username: @Backwoodsdanny
Twitter Handle: @Dannybwoods
Comments: Hi Danny, everything takes time. It starts with Tweeting everyday. For bio you can try formatting it with periods instead of commas would look cleaner or add other effects. Reply to people many times every day. Retweets what you find interesting/useful with your comments. It'll be fun!

IH Username: @Rayk
Twitter Handle: @linkdraapp
Comments: Your bio is not saying much, try to find inspirations from accounts you like. Tweet often, many times every day. Turn your articles into tweetstorms. Reply to people with quality comments.

IH Username: @fullreign
Twitter Handle: @RitaRoloff
Comments: Your bio started with no-code, then your project, then no-code again. Your cover said something about Microsoft & JP Morgan but your bio doesn't say what about them you did. "Making it easier for you to find products for your curls" could be reworded to state the proposition clearer. What products? What curls? Are there "curl influencers" or brand accounts, that you can be engaging with everyday in the curl space? No-code people are great, but not all of them are your potential customers right?

IH Username: @stewofkc
Twitter Handle: @stewofkc
Comments: If your Medium posts are getting so many views try put ""Follow me on Twitter @stewofkc"" at the end of your posts, can get you A LOT more leads. "Privacy, technology and internet culture. Slowly working towards being the King of the Marketing Kingdom." Your Bio in Medium is a lot more colourful. Turn your blogs into many many tweetstorms, you've got years of content already pump it out. Try to Retweet with Comments more. Just keep engaging with people man.

IH Username: @gestri
Twitter Handle: @GestriHali
Comments: Great job with your retweeted comments and tweetstorms. Your own tweets vs comments ratio is currently too high, at your count it's better to grow followers from comments on tweets you're interested in. And get there early if possible.

IH Username: @Quaresma
Twitter Handle: @bruno__quaresma
Comments: Start retweet with comments. Get some of your thoughts out there. You should be spending a lot of your time engaging with interesting tweets by writing a lot of quality comments everyday.

IH Username: @rawerse_alpha
Twitter Handle: @rawerse
Comments: ""ML-powered software proposes a vast range of image enhancements"" is vague, what does it do and why should I want it? You already have a link below, another one in the comment is too many. You're a photo improvement product you should have very pretty cover photo. Rather than talk about your product first, you should be providing quality content related to your field like photo editing and photography. Do a lot of that, everyday. Engage with people in photo editing and photography EVERYDAY.

IH Username: @tcurdt
Twitter Handle: @tcurdt
Comments: You're tweeting a lot of interesting links but not a lot of engagement with those. Maybe expand more on why you think the tools are cool like who this helps and what specific use cases are. Try doing tutorials as tweetstorms. Engage with people who interests you everyday. They might come check out your tweets.

IH Username: @yang
Twitter Handle: @yang_io
Comments: You haven't been tweeting. Retweet with comments, ALWAYS. It's your feed, it should have a lot of your thoughts. Engage and comments on tweets in tech, strategy, and finance that you find interesting.

IH Username: @dhruvg
Twitter Handle: @booksirens
Comments: You have 10k users and influencers, why aren't they on your Twitter? Maybe point them to your profile next time you send out newsletter? Retweet with comments, your users would love some personalised shoutout! Tweet original interesting tweets and tweetstorms. Why would people want to hang out on your account if all activity is retweets like a bot? Show personality like @IndieHackers. Your comments on other people are all spammy looking like a bot too. So stay active, and fix all of that. You can do it!

IH Username: @elies
Twitter Handle: @thisiselies
Comments: Your profile is quite solid. Are you happy with your growth rate? To promote your projects I suggest doing content marketing in the form on tweets and tweetstorms everyday. You may have a lot of interesting data or findings that a lot of people like. Reach out to the bands on Twitter for example, they're likely to retweet you.

IH Username: @gordon
Twitter Handle: @gordonfrayne
Comments: Welcome visitor from the past, how was 2008? Fresh start, great! ""Hello 2020""? I suggest nuking your following. Start from scratch with high signal vs noise ratio of content you like seeing. Bio + cover photo a must. I recommend starting off with retweeting with comments for your feed. Engage and comments on tweets you find genuinely interesting. The same thing with your IH behaviour really. Original tweets can come later with fresh organic followers. You should turn your awesome IH content into tweetstorms, you can last years already :P

IH Username: @tobiaslins
Twitter Handle: @linstobias
Comments: For personal accounts, faces are better. Even animal/cartoon faces work. People prefer to engage with faces than logos. Giving personalised shoutouts by retweet with content would be awesome. Work in public by sharing interesting things from your consulting and project would be great. More daily comments on other coders and potential clients would net you the engagements that are better for you.

IH Username: @upenv
Twitter Handle: @HelloClouders
Comments: Should put the link in the link place at the bottom. The bio doesn't really jump at me, can you try to be more personal? #AWSQuizoftheDay is a real hashtag use only this. Don't invent a new one unless needed. You don't have a daily questions going yet, make them question. And tweet many times a day, so you'll need many questions. Make tweetstorm. Tweet about non-questions too. Retweet with comments. Engage with interesting people and potential users A LOT.

IH Username: @Leo
Twitter Handle: @leonagano
Comments: Hi Leo! Great job trying out tweetstorm. Better practice would be to give most important info in text and illustrate with pictures. Work in public, tweet out interesting tidbits from your newsletter everyday and also cool info that doesn't get into newsletter. Even tweet about doing newsletter and working on iPad works. I'm sure you're very interesting. Add some more info to the bio, non-work stuff works as well! Your engagement game is great, keep it up :)

IH Username: @Eli2
Twitter Handle: @Nextstevejob
Comments: You're using link for your project twice, once in the URL section is enough. Let's add in some more info about yourself, your other interests perhaps. Retweet with comments. People want to read what you think about those tweets, what does it mean for you? Great job on putting out inspiring tweets. You should engage a lot more with potential users of your project, travel influencers as well.

IH Username: @masterprocrastinator
Twitter Handle: @mertnesvat
Comments: Great job on your bio (but try not using hashtags please) and using retweet with comments. Now it's time to do those more often as well as your original content. Can be what you find interested made in tweet form, with tweetstorms from time to time. Daily engagements with others on Twitter would be great, just like you've been doing. Your website appears to be offline to me, so if you're not getting that back online I'd recommend taking the link out of your bio.

IH Username: @sanjayp
Twitter Handle: @elatedate
Comments: Start tweeting! Share content in tweet form and tweetstorms, these can be very popular. Look at how already successful brands and influencers are doing. Engaging with potential users and influencers everyday, A LOT. You'll learn much, and build a true audience for your product.

IH Username: @brunor
Twitter Handle: @brunoraljic
Comments: Would be great for you to tell us a bit more about you in your bio. A lot of people find unnecessary hashtags very spammy, try reserve them for something that actually need hashtags. You have a lot of content and cool stories, you can turn blog posts into tweet storms and put your link at the very end. Really, you're very well on your way there. Good job on engagement, try to do more of what you've been doing.

IH Username: @rogovdm
Twitter Handle: @rg_for_real
Comments: Add concepts that you are really into these days would clarify your bio a bit more. Great job on interesting tweet, need to be a bit more consistent on that if possible. A lot more replies and engagement would work better for you at this state. Your replies and tweets are already great, just need to bump up the reply volume right now. Can try tweetstorms.

IH Username: @richardreeze
Twitter Handle: @richardreeze
Comments: Add more detailed and cool bio would be great. What kinda books you like reading. Your history with books. Your non-book interests. More retweet with comments please, add in context about what stood out for you. Instead of just linking to your blog, your content marketing should be reformatted into tweetstorms with your blog link at the last one. Engage with readers. Get on influencer's tweets. Try to sum up their ideas/recommendations and link back to their tweet/tweetstorm. Have alerts for book recommendation tweets and get there to reply fast. Don't promote your site but mostly do quality comments that are interesting/useful to people. You can also tweet about reading habits and other tangent topics to recommended books. You can do this!

IH Username: @pmmjehan
Twitter Handle: @jehan_lalkaka
Comments: Good bio. Maybe word it a little smoother, I'm not sure what "Helping B2B startups bridge the gap between their product and problems their customers care about solving" does exactly. You seem to be missing a cover photo. You're already doing great with retweet comments, do more of the commented kind. Comments game great, just need to bump up the quantity by loads. It's the biggest push for people like us under 100 followers. It works great if you get there fast to influencers. The sweetest spot are the very interesting people who're not having over 10k followers, they have more time to check replies more. I was at your spot some weeks back now I'm already 2x. We can do this!

IH Username: @nimishpatel19
Twitter Handle: @NimishPatel19
Comments: Drop the hashtag from the profile. They're not popular for most of Twitter these days. You're missing a cover photo. Retweeting with comments get your thoughts seen on your own profile, I fully recommend. You should be consistent and active daily. You can tweet about coding, interesting things from your project in non-selling way. Improving quality in requires would work for you, increase quantity of those too. Find technical person whom you like their Twitter game and try to see how they do, many great ones out there.

IH Username: @philipkiely
Twitter Handle: @philip_kiely
Comments: Solid profile. Excellent job on the tweetstorms, maybe try add in images and diagrams on what you're talking about would illustrate your points and be much more interesting. Really what you're doing is already great. Could up more replies and engagements. Just keep doing what you do right now but daily. Great job on the book too!

IH Username: @prnysarkar
Twitter Handle: @PrnySarkar
Comments: Please add a bio. Missing cover photo. For now your content should be consistent retweets with comments. Reply on A LOT of people you're interested in everyday. I believe you can do it :)

IH Username: @futurehacker93
Twitter Handle: @hipreetam93
Comments: Nice bio. You're missing cover photo. Great job for trying tweetstorms. You need consistency. Reply many times everyday day. Just pick the people most interesting to you. How you've been doing is already good, look at your likes. When you don't have a particular idea ready you can retweet with comments. Really, just need to get used to do this everyday.

IH Username: @storycreator
Twitter Handle: @michaelaubry
Comments: You can expand your bio to include many non-project details like other hobbies, job experiences, any tidbits about you that you find good representation of you. So that people who like your style can identify you. What you did in Sam Parr example, can you try with other Makers and Sub 10k follower Makers? They're much more likely to notice you tag them and retweet, this would get your interesting work out. Really just seek out 3-5 of them every day and make these for them. You've been active in replies that's great, but if your potential users are video people then find and engage with video makers and influencers in the field daily would get you more related traffic. Can ship tweetstorm and cool info, useful tips for the video space. Do that everyday. You can do it, I believe in you.

IH Username: @hessel
Twitter Handle: @dijkstradev
Comments: Can you expand your bio a bit more on the sort of topics that interest you? Great job on doing tweetstorms. You can share more indirect tweets about your project like most active topics, or interesting findings, etc. What the early users feedback and how you do ""XYZ"". Do a lot of quality replies with people you think would be interested in your product. I recommend you check out https://twitter.com/thisiskp_ see the way he tweets about his similar project and personal tweets.

IH Username: @abinaya
Twitter Handle: @abinaya_rl
Comments: On your personal account you can add more personal details on your bio. Try not sharing links outside Twitter too much, switch to retweeting with comments. You're not active everyday. Great job on the reply game, keep it going. Engaging with current users, potential users, and remote work influencers should a priority.

IH Username: @LukeOB
Twitter Handle: @Luke_OBrien
Comments: More info on your bio would be great, especially non-project ones. It would show your character better. Great for building in the open. For using videos, native video is preferred by Twitter than Youtube links. Keep making great thread like your recent one. You need to be active everyday. Engage your current users, potential users. Provide content that'll be interesting to them. Reply to them many times every day.

IH Username: @moronge
Twitter Handle: @mronge
Comments: Great bio. Try to only retweet with your comments. Your thoughts are valuable it tells followers and potential followers how you see things. So far it's already good, you just need to be a lot more consistent in tweeting everyday. Reply everyday to influencers, users, potential users. Drop content they'll find interesting. Do some more work in the open, people support people who're open. You can give CEO's view on Astropad's content that'd be interesting to a lot of people.

IH Username: @fancyOptions
Twitter Handle: @fancy_options
Comments: Try to promote your links the least possible. Add a little more personal details can make your bio more personal. Try to format your content in a way that's convenient and useful for potential users. You're not following anyone so how can you know the best practice, follow the most interesting people in your specialty and your interests, first try to keep that under 50 accounts. Reply to them, everyday, many times, without your product out there unless explicitly asked for.

IH Username: @AnitaK
Twitter Handle: @anitakirkovska
Comments: Great bio. Only retweet with comments please. And tweet consistently. A little bit of build in the open tweets would be good. Tweetstorms that is interesting/useful. You should be engaging your current users, potential users, and influencers for your target audience multiple times everyday. You'll learn more about them, get them interested, so you can build a better product.

IH Username: @xavier
Twitter Handle: @AngeZanetti
Comments: Fine bio. You haven't pinned a tweet, pick one thing. Retweet with comments, they get your thoughts out too. Formatting your great IH posts into tweetstorms is much better than directly post IH link. You can even split a finding into multiple tweetstorms. Vice-versa, you can write tweetstorms that is later shaped into IH posts. What's more, your blog posts are also tweetstorm content! Aside from those, short interesting/useful tweets work great too. You're doing great replies. You can try to engage with even more design/startup people. Depends who your audiences are, maybe they're already on Twitter. Find more of the same. Your golden chance is on tweets people ask about designing logo so you can give advice without plugging your product. Would earn more trust that way. Bonne chance !

IH Username: @jevinsew
Twitter Handle: @jevinsew
Comments: You have double the links for your project. Just one in the link section is enough. The retweets with comments are good, keep doing them. Excellent working in the open. Hashtags are quite unpopular so avoid using them if you can and not to invent new ones unless you're ready to build an awareness campaign around it. Your replies are good. That's where you're building traffic to your profile. Do a lot more of them, targeted to your potential users and newsletter influencers.

IH Username: @yang
Twitter Handle: @thumblytics
Comments: Maybe try a shorter bio that's still clear. Include target audience in there. You should have a good cover picture, you're in the visual market. Tagging yourself ""@Thumblytics"" looks weird and a waste of characters. Try to minimise hashtags as much as possible. Your own tweets should be 99% content marketing with least amount of your links. Your goal should be to provide the most value not prioritising clicks to your site. You should retweet with comments most of the time. And you should spend most of the time engaging with target audience, providing them value out there without even asking for clicks. Reply to influencers quickly. People shut off so quickly with that. Include build in the open content. It's tough starting a brand account, try to learn from the good ones.

IH Username: @schoon
Twitter Handle: @DanSchoonmaker
Comments: Bio's fine. Always use the retweet with comments feature. It gives you an opportunity to voice what you like about the content or how you find value, etc. This goes to your feed, you should profit from the retweet too. Plus your followers get to see your view and that's important. Ideally you should spend most of your Twitter time on replying to tweets, especially for target audience and podcast influencers. That would most likely get you seen. More building in the open would be great. You can do this! :)

IH Username: @ParthS007
Twitter Handle: @ParthS0007
Comments: Actually you don't need to use hashtags for coding language, they still get found in search. Aside from actually popular meaningful hashtags like "#100DaysOfCode" I'd avoid them as they're regarded as spammy in many circles. Your tweets are great, short and to the point. Learning in the open gets points. Your replies are really good too. If possible you should do a lot more of them, as it's what brings the most profile discovery at your level. Also as a newbie doing 100 Days it's a great chance to reach out at coding influencers/teachers/pros and people who make cool stuff. I'm sure a lot of people want to give you support on Twitter, might accellerate your learning a lot and build friendships too. Overall you're doing great Parth!

IH Username: @Devan
Twitter Handle: @dsabar
Comments: Bio's solid. Unless a hashtag is popular and necessary, most of them are considered spammy don't use those. See #HR vs #COVID19. Your tweets are fine, if you can tweet daily that'd be much better. Ideally you should be replying to your target audience many times everyday, e.g. users and procurements. Tweet some quality content marketing on your personal feed too, you want that part in your personal brand too.

IH Username: @Michael_Andreuzza
Twitter Handle: @Mike_andreuzza
Comments: Colorandfonts.com are in both the link and bio, just pick one please. You're not clear on the value you provide by subscribing. For tweets please avoid using hashtags, they're considered unpopular nowadays, you'll be found without them. Try to really study your influencers and how they tweet. Your post about your project should be 99% quality content marketing and building in the open. Only 1% almost completely hidden away for your links. That is what quality marketing looks like. You should be replying to target audience several times everyday and their influencers too. In your case that's probably front-end dev and designers? Your advantage is being Spanish/Italian so find those designers and resources. You'll get bonus points compared to just targeting anyone. Cheers!

IH Username: @tejas3732
Twitter Handle: @tejas3732
Comments: Very solid profile from first glance. Everything is so right! To the point bio, great pinned tweet, tweeting everyday. Doing excellent on the reply game to but you probably already know that hehe. It's how you've been growing so fast. Everyone should check out Tejas's account, perfect example. Keep going and have fun!

IH Username: @bmg
Twitter Handle: @needremote_com
Comments: You're using link to your site twice in the bio, just have one please. Your cover photo is unattractive, don't think someone in front of chopped logs is the best representation for remote workers. You should stop using all non-essentail hashtags. They're unpopular and make your account seem spammy, both in profile and tweets. Your tweets should be 99% quality content marketing of your own not a bunch of links to outside Twitter and also building in the open. Retweets should be done with your own comments. You should be replying to target audience and remote work influencers everyday with quality insightful comments. It's a lot of work if you want a solid foundation for branded account. But that's the only real way really.

IH Username: @emekaonu
Twitter Handle: @launchbeast
Comments: You already have a link to your site below, please remove the link to your site on the bio. ""I help professionals take their careers to the next level."" is a bit vague on the value proposition can you reword it to something clearer? Your regular tweets are fine. Retweets should be done most of the time with comments so you can share your thoughts on what the link means to you and your followers, a great opportunity to add in your unique voice. Tweeting more about building in the open would earn you more trust and some quality useful content would be great. Try to minimise posting your own links, the self promotion is not great for personal brand building. Replying to a lot of people and potential audience is great and you should do a lot of it. However one word reply and self promotion harms your image and perception. It's some effort to try and do quality replies and put out quality content every time. But it can be learned and is a very important skill to create strong audience for your personal brand and project.

IH Username: @getflookup
Twitter Handle: @getflookup
Comments: Adding non-project interests to your bio boosts your personality. You already have a personal Twitter name so you should have a photo too. Even sketches are popular these days. Anything with a face are well for a personal brand. You should stop using hashtags, unless necessary they are seen as spammy in the Twitter space. Your tweets should be 99% quality content marketing and building in the open. This means minimal and hiding away of links. The same should be said for all external links, they take people away from Twitter that's not good. Try to tweet everyday. You should be spending most of your Twitter time replying to target audience and the right influencers. This might be Google Sheet enthusiasts and pros e.g. @AndrewKamphey. Also reply only quality responses and with if possible zero self promotion. Low effort replies at best is waste of time, but most likely not reflect well on you. Just go around and help people out. Learn. Do a lot of this, everyday. It's effortful work but it's the only way to build quality audience. To get value give a lot of value.

IH Username: @ac_fiedler
Twitter Handle: @FAfied32
Comments: You don't need to use hashtags anywhere unnecessary so please removed the ones in your bio, just using ""Fintech, Insurance, ML"" is fine. Your tweets are ok. Can be improved with building in the open and quality content marketing. Minimise links that go outside Twitter, it's not favoured. You should spend most of your Twitter time engageing with your target audience and target influencers for your projects by replying to them with effortful response and providing value. It's the most effective way to get discovered by the right people on Twitter and builds your brand.

IH Username: @vamsi7
Twitter Handle: @VamsiRao7
Comments: Bio's fine. Tweeting regularly everyday would be best. Always try to retweet with comments, it brings out your thoughts to your feed. Tell the people what made you retweet, what does it mean to you? Try to minimise self promotion and instead use 99% of the space to build in the open, quality content marketing. Hide and minimise your links, it's best for the brand. You should be spending most of your Twitter time connecting to your target audience and influencers by replying to their comments with quality responses, zero self promotion. This will be the best way for you to be discovered. Twitter is the place for connection not directly selling.

IH Username: @Gusev
Twitter Handle: @easygem_
Comments: You should add non-coding interests to your bio too, would make you more interesting. You should upload a cover picture. Your retweets should always be retweet with comments. It's your space and opportunity to share why you are sharing this, show your thoughts out there. You should be spending most of your Twitter time to reply to targeted influencers and target audience with quality responses. Do this many times everyday This is the best way for you to be seen and build your followers. It's effortful work but sustainable. You can follow some influencers and study how they tweet as good examples.

IH Username: @brainless
Twitter Handle: @sumitdatta
Comments: Good bio. Please use the least about of outside links. Unless a hashtag is popular and intentionally it's best to not use them at all as it's now not standard practice in most of Twitter. You should be spending most of your Twitter time in connecting with target audience or even just people that suits your interests. Respond with quality comments. You're already mainly doing retweet with comments, that's good. Your tweets can also be the space where you post quality content marketing to build your personal brand, especially powerful is to build in the open.

IH Username: @robmerki
Twitter Handle: @robmerki
Comments: Hi Rob. Your bio looks ok. You're not tweeting everyday, might start on that. Retweet with comments are good. Try to minimise links to external website. You have blog content, might want to chop it and turn into tweetstorms and bite sized tweets. Would last you a long time. You should be replying as you do to other tweets. This is your biggest lead gen. But even more so for niche of ADHD, productivity, design. Target those niches specifically. I think you can help a lot of people. Let's try this :D

IH Username: @jaybedreamin
Twitter Handle: @JayBeDreamin
Comments: Solid all around too. Excellent example for others here. Great job on replying to a lot of people. I can imagine that brings in a good amount of inbound traffic. You've found a voice and style that earns likes. Grabbed attention. Instead of directly plugging your Gumroad link I think start creating tweet storms as content marketing related to your project with the link at the end. See which ones are most popular. Plug those when the opportunities come naturally. Remember its sales, but it's also doing them a service. Have your heart in the right place :)

IH Username: @phalox
Twitter Handle: @phalox
Comments: On the profile side I don’t see glaring issues if that’s the people you want to hang out with. Mostly about lack to activity. Not much original tweet or retweet with comments. Most of the time you should be replying to conversations and people that interest you. That gets you noticed and discovered. Start by following less people, might sound drastic but a following restart at below 100 would be healthy. You have more chances to discover content from accounts you actually care about.

Out of 56 Twitter profiles there's 5 that standout. They're both solid profiles with tweeting done right. Learn from them! Give them a follow!

Drop your Twitter profiles here. I can go through more of them over some days. Twitter is a great companion to Indie Hackers. Do great work on both places!

Follow me on Twitter: @WitSuma

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    This is awesome @witsuma! I also bought @dvassallo's course (yesterday) but I would love to hear what you think of my profile -- @DanSchoonmaker

    1. 2

      Hi there! Please give me some time to get back to you on the profile.
      "Everyone Can Build A Twitter Audience" is not a hackable course really.
      It's this in action: do great job, consistenly, for a long time.
      You'll also find Dan's progress, it's not that big from the start but keep going and the audience rates compound a lot. The important thing is not that number it's the number of quality people who follow us and support us there :)

    2. 1

      It is ready and live!

  2. 3

    You're amazing, thanks so much! Your feedback is a gift.

    1. 2

      You're also amazing! Great job for the new bio.

      "Helping B2B startups with positioning and messaging"
      is much clearer than
      "Helping B2B startups bridge the gap between their product and problems their customers care about solving"

      So B2Bs who are looking for positioning and messaging tips can find you.

      Try searches like this to find popular words similar to yours.

  3. 3

    Wow this is awesome. Can you do my profile – @jevinsew?

    Thanks 🙏

    1. 2

      Of course! Give me a few days please :)

          1. 1

            Wow thanks! You’re right about my bio. I’ll update that and follow your other advices.

            1. 1

              Especially replying is most important. Our network is not at the point where 10k people are in reach anytime. So we'll need to put ourselves out there to be found. Think of it as outbound marketing for personal audience.

              1. 2

                Awesome! That makes so much sense said like this.

                1. 1

                  It's not really complicated. Just a lot of work to get going. Unfortunately a lot of people will continue to tweet into the void and that's a shame.

  4. 3

    @witsuma great effort in providing the feedback. Related to comment for my twitter handle, if I don't use hashtags how else I can be searchable especially when engagement on my feed is almost zero. I am not getting any engagement. Any tips?
    Thanks again!

    1. 2

      Hi there! I think engagement is zero because nobody's found you yet. The best way to be found is to be a "high quality regulars" around an influencers' tweets and also helping people around Twitter.

      For example in your case, you can find influential events planner accounts, wedding planners. Wedding's a very big and direct niche I think you can find many people tweeting in the space.

      Also, being a photographer might be good to have a strong presence on IG as well. It's probably where brides browse for inspirations.

      To prove my point about hashtags being VERY unpopular just compare these links. Not having hashtag is MUCH more active and popular.

      After you have some organic followers would be good to start cutting your blog posts into tweets you can do over a day. Best wishes!

      1. 1

        Thank you so much :)

        1. 1

          You're welcome! :)

  5. 2

    Thank you for this post!
    I am just starting out, and learning how to use twitter to connect with other people and build audience.
    Currently I actually don't know what to post.
    Could you recommend any articles that could help me with that?
    There's no many posts yet, but here it is – @easygem_

    1. 1

      Hi there! I wrote about the general guidelines here. But really, you're starting out best to get used to Twitter. I'd say follow accounts that are interesting to you. First try to stick with 50 or less followings. So you don't get too many tweets. Really just learn how they tweets. First you start off commenting a lot on tweets that interests you. Retweet with comments, always. Gradually moving towards your own tweets once you have more followers.

      You're added to the second batch!

      1. 1

        Thank you so much!

  6. 2

    Hey thanks for sharing this. Please put me in your next list:


    1. 1

      Hello there. You're added to the list!

      1. 1

        Hey thanks so much. Makes sense. I have to get back to building content, blogging and then tweeting back. I am already building a product in the open that a lot of people have shown interest in but I am not managing things well enough.

        1. 1

          While a lot of things can be managed better, your priorities are building THE RIGHT audience and build THE RIGHT product that they buy. Best wishes!

  7. 2

    Dropped you a follow, Wit. Very cool to see you handing out some feedback. Well done. My Twitter is @FAFied32 - know consistency has been a boon to follower growth and content could be narrowed.

    1. 1

      Find your entry on in this post!

    2. 1

      Hello! Consistently highly rated. Content depends if you want more various or specialised followers, specialised also grow faster. Added you to the list!

    1. 1

      Thanks for being here. You're added to the list!

  8. 2

    Great post Wit!

    What a follow-up :)

    1. 1

      It's been a pleasure really. Your posts help a tonne of people too!

  9. 2

    Thanks. Here's my Twitter Account -> Tejas

    I started at 300 in april & now close to 800. Looks like I am getting the growth ;)

    Any tips are welcome :)

    1. 2

      Added you to second batch. Tips will go your way! Meanwhile, keep active and continue growing.

      1. 1

        Yes 100%. I am focused on Growing. My aim is to cross 5k until dec 2020. Is that possible?

        1. 2

          I've seen several examples where they get there with the time frame. In between it's best that Twitter be a beneficial right now :)

          1. 1

            True That. Btw followed you on twitter :)

            1. 2

              Gave you a shoutout! Cheers!

                1. 2

                  Congratulations for Excellent Example rating!

  10. 2

    You are doing great work for the community! Can you please review mine @ParthS0007

    1. 2

      It's my joy really. Added you to batch 2!

    2. 1

      Your comments are up there!

      1. 2

        Thanks for the detailed review and the shoutout, I will avoid using hashtags. Let's see how it goes 🙂
        I followed you.

        1. 1

          Look forward to how you go!

  11. 2

    Be interested to hear some feedback on my profile - @dsabar

    1. 2

      Added you to the list! :)

      1. 2

        Thank you very much! 🙏😊

  12. 2

    Cheers man. That's very cool.

  13. 2

    How cool is this !!

    Y project.

    Mine : @Mike_andreuzza
    The project: @colorsnfonts (I had @colorsandfonts but it was banned )

    My personal account has 667 followers while my project has less than 100.

    Thank you so much for this.

    1. 1

      Hi Michael! So as a Maker I feel it's to your advantage to use the personal account and make it great there. People like connecting people more than brands, and brands must be very personable. To focus on just one account would also allow you to practice better I believe. Just use the project one for say updates and build your personal brand. That'd outlast projects by a long shot, one of your biggest assets really.

      I've added you to the list. Meanwhile I suggest you study @nathanbarry on how to do a personal account with a successful project as well.

      1. 1

        Hey @witsuma !

        Thank you for your quick response. Yeah, I felt so too when I started it..but I wasn't sure what I was doing.

        I feel like I can ask more questions about the project actually.

        Personally, I do not see myself talking as a brand...

        Oh,thank you for adding me. I will deffinately have a read to Nathan's.

        Thank you so much !

        1. 1

          Sure if you have anything specific just ask and I'll try my best to answer. You might not see yourself as a brand yet but here's an example you might recognise.

          So Elon Musk started PayPal. But he was so charismatic he's not tied to PayPal. He could leave all his projects and still have strong social capital to work with. Elon Musk Brand > Tesla + SpaceX + Boring Company.

          One of his project is Tesla. But his brand is not JUST Tesla.

          1. 2

            Yeah, true that. Or Richard Branson right?

            To be honest I never relate Elon with PayPal...

            1. 2

              Your comments are live!

                1. 1

                  Just search your name on this page. Or just scroll down near the bottom of the list.

                  1. 2

                    Sorry man...duuh. Thank you so much for doing that, it meant a lot Wit.

                    I will take care of all those things.

  14. 2

    Thanks for the feedback.

    1. 1

      Best wishes for you and your community!

    1. 1

      Hi there! Added you to the list, allow me a few days please :)

  15. 2

    Thanks a lot!
    The reason I am not writing summary of the article in the tweets is that in Buffer I can't comment my own post. Do you have some suggestion on tool which can help me?

    I would love to schedule the post with some replies. So that I don't need to be online every evening.

    1. 1

      Hi Semy! I don't use a tool. Many of the 10k+ accounts I follow also use the native web client or phone. So I don't know off my head a tool that fits.

      What I would suggest though is just be online when you are, and just keep tweeting at that time. The key is to get your posts out there in a format that people who find them enjoy. This also means that you'll be attracting people what fits YOUR time. That's a vital point. The people who taught me Twitter don't even optimise time at all, it's the least of your worries. Just focus quality + quantity is the most impactful.

      I'm in GMT +7 which is probably very niche. I'm awake while most of people I engage with are sleeping. So that's ok too.

      1. 2


        I am posting at least 1 post a day and I want to keep consistency. But sometimes I have more time to play with the post and sometimes not. When I have some spare minutes to play, I am setting up posts for upcoming days. And thats working for me perfectly.

        1. 1

          We all work with what we've got. 1 post a day is much more than many!

  16. 2

    Wow, thank you so much for doing this, I truly appreciate it.
    And very helpful small tips!

    I try and tweet more often, but I must admit it's hard to do so and have valuable content.

    Do you think it's good just tweeting about the same thing more than once a day?

    1. 1

      I'd avoid tweet the same thing many times, it looks like a bot. And it also doesn't add more value. The game is quality + quantity. It's hard to do great content which is why the influencers are popular, they're the ones giving out a lot of quality tips everyday!

      My suggestion would be to transform your current content into many small pieces would already work. For example: "Vanilla JavaScript add leading zeroes to date" - Then you expand more on WHO would benefit from this, WHAT use cases, EXAMPLES from the wild, etc. You'd already have months of reusable content :P

      Try to consume a good number of interesting thing everyday (but not too much!) for inspiration of tips. Ideally, you should get to a point where you have a great amount of content in store without having to worry coming up blank.

      1. 1

        Very nice, I do feel like i still want my blog to have a unique post every day, it's the challenge and promise to myself, but you are right. I could leverage the same content in different ways! I actually really think that is a very useful tip. Thank you so much!

        Now it's just finding time to come up with these on a daily base.

        1. 1

          If that's a goal that's within reach then of course! Go for new things on your blog everyday. Repurposing content already researched to use in Twitter is nice too because it allows your audience to see things in many different ways. Find a balance that's working for you :)

          1. 1

            I wanted to re-answer, did your tip about posting more often on twitter and it really helps to get proper conversation going!
            So going to try and keep up, about 3/5 tweets a day about one topic now.

            1. 1

              That's a big improvement. Congrats, and keep going!

  17. 2

    This is amazing! Could you do mine 🙏


    1. 1

      Of course I can! See you next batch. In the mean time you can get some recommended guidelines from here: How I Would Crush It on Twitter

    1. 1

      You're the 50th Twitter profile checked!

      1. 1

        Much appreciated!

        1. 1

          Thank you for the opportunity to help!

    2. 1

      And here comes something! I've added you to the second batch. Check out this post for some guidelines in the meantime: How I Would Crush It on Twitter

    1. 1

      Done and open for more!

    2. 1

      Hello hello! Please allow me a few days will get it to you ;)

  18. 2

    This is a great collection of advice that we can all apply to our profiles.

    1. 1

      Yep! I've learned a lot from this too. I think I'll be putting together a post for "Top Twitter Mistakes & How To Avoid Them". So that we can all learn in even clearer ways.

    1. 2

      Great job on your profile. +10 for excitable little one!

      1. 1

        lol. thanks friend.

  19. 2

    hey @witsuma I've just skimmed what you wrote. Many thanks, I find it super useful and generous from you. Will get back later when I find more time to actually analyse and concentrate on your tips for me (but for others as well). Thanks again

    1. 1

      Hi! Great job on the recent tweet thread ;)

      1. 1

        Yeah, got almost 5k impression on that one.

        I've changed bio now, to add more details. It's still 160 char space but hey.

        You're right about the hashtags. Those are things that worked before. I'm switching my content distribution to the tweetstorms.

        1. 1

          Yep, really finding influencers is also about finding guidance for your own style. If they're there then they're probably doing something right, for similar audience. So start finding some you can study how they do things and try out. Many of them are experimenting everyday!

  20. 2

    Wow, this is amazing! So nice of you to take the time to review each of our profiles. It's such an honor for me to be included in the "notable examples" section, didn't expect that at all! Such a great motivation to keep working on it 💪🏼 Thank you very much for your tips as well, will definitely try to put them into practice :)

    1. 2

      Look forward to it! Guidelines are very simple like this one. The key is to keep tweeting everyday. Especially more difficult in the beginning but we see results and it compounds!

      1. 2

        Totally agree! Thanks again Wit!

  21. 2

    Wow amazing suggestions!!! Thank you 😍

    1. 2

      I see you have face photo now +10 hehe :)
      Look forward to your content!

  22. 2

    Hey Wit! Thanks for your suggestions!! Will work on your suggestions. Twitter is a great platform to share interesting information and help people!

    1. 1

      It is! I think we both experienced it hehe. Opportunities come up unexpectedly so we need to work at it to prepare for the unexpected ;)

  23. 1

    My profile is a mess, just like my personal website. It was more of a notebook for likeminded nerds like myself, but horrible for a specific target audience.

    I'd be curious if you have some easy wins for me?


    1. 2

      Added! Easy or not depends on you. Do 10+ replies a day to get in the groove.

    2. 2

      Hi there! Let me work on this a bit :)

  24. 1

    This is a terrific marketing hack.

    1. 1

      Thanks. Not sure if hack. Just straight forward doing things for people hehe

  25. 1

    Wow - seeing this now. Thank you for finding the time to give comments to so many profiles!

    1. 1

      Happy Twittering!

    1. 1

      Will get back at you in some days :)

      In the meantime, here's my latest Twitter post: 3 Major Twitter Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

      1. 1

        Is this a subtle hint...? :)

        1. 1

          Not subtle at all! Check comments on your profile around the bottom of the list :)

          1. 2

            Agreed. Thanks for the feedback. Just finished a big project and will now have more focus for this :)

            1. 1

              Best wishes for the project and Twitter journey!

  26. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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