Ideas and Validation January 22, 2021

66 B2B SaaS marketplaces with opportunities for indie hackers

Ramy Khuffash @Ramy
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    I'm planning on spending a bit of time this year building tiny, single purpose apps on top of growing B2B SaaS platforms this year and wanted to see what marketplaces exist other than the commonly mentioned ones, like Shopify, Stripe etc.

    There are so many! I put together a list of the 66 that I found interesting and will at least consider when I'm thinking about what tiny apps to build

    Hopefully some of you find it useful

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      That's the way to go! Thanks for putting the list together. Would be great to see how big are these marketplaces and how fast are they growing. It would help to decide which one to bet on.

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      My approach too. Had some good success with Slack.

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    These marketplaces are all highly saturated technology focused B2B SaaS. I think the real opportunities are in the non technology focused marketplaces in boring industries like insurance, healthcare, edtech, etc, that are off of the radar of tech oriented folks.

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    Saved it for later. Thanks for creating this list!

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    Hey Ramy, thanks for taking time. Appreciated.

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