Why does google analytics have to be so complicated ???

Why does google analytics have to be so complicated ???


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    Switched to SimpleAnalytics.io recently from Google Analtics. Not only did page load times get better but I don’t harvest user data any longer.

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      The data it shows looks limited from their demo


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        When you don’t store IP’s or use cookies this the data available. Consider it more a security conscious analytical solution where they don’t sell your or your customers data.

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    BEcause apparently someone "redesigned" it to win a promotion or sth. All of google's properties are going to shit one after another. Adsense is similar, or search console. Stupid cards bouncing around and all the options are scattered at randon 3 cards down the road. It's so aggravating u want to smash the screen sometimes.

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    Yeah I got tired of using Google Analytics, the UX is too complicated and it tries to do too many things. I'm building a simpler alternative at https://plausible.io, check it out if you have time!

    I'm very interested in feature suggestions as well. What are the essential data points you do care about?

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      thanks Ukutaht , i just asked my CTO to build me something easy to use - i will intro maybe we can help

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    Has anyone tried Google Data Studio and built their own dash? I’m considering doing that to streamline the GA dash.

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    My secret is to keep Google Analytics use to a minimum, just for page views on the marketing page.
    Then I use Mixpanel for actual user insight and product validation. Mixpanel has its own problems though.

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      Thanks Jimbo , i used mixpanel before when i had a consumer app - it was a great tool ( a bit expensive as we had high volume )

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    The reason it’s complicated is because analytics, in general, are complicated. I find the API a bit easier to navigate than the UI that Google provides. You can break down easily by any dimension with the API (including many dimensions at a time) whereas this is difficult or impossible in some cases with the UI.

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    Maybe you need some help with it? :D as i have been using them for few years, i think i could help you out

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      thank you appreciate it my CTO is a google analytics ninja :-) i just hate wasting time on things that can be easy and so many pepole use
      i asked hium to build . me a small tool ( he said APIis good) i will share so you can use :-)

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    I agree there are lots of features to it, and it gets quite detailed. But the overall process and implementation is pretty straightforward. What's bugging you about it?

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      spent hours trying to figure out some of the referral sources, google analytics have the data :-) it just requires 15 clicks to get the full path so i can see what works best for us - must be an easier way :-)

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      it features reach and the UI is so dated :-)
      have to be a data scientist to navigate the dashboard.

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    I used GA in the past but wanted to stop relying on it. I discovered Fathom (https://usefathom.com) and use it now for my analytics. You don't get geo-information, IPs, of the user demographics, but it's open source so you could add some of that information if you needed/wanted it.

    I use it for visitors, uniques and bounce rate and it works great.

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