August 13, 2020

7 months and 12-days to going broke.

Srineesh @SrineeshFlutter_io

This morning I quit my unfulfilling job and decided to work on something fulfilling. Here are a few things that I would like to try before going broke.

  1. Consulting: Just bid on 9 projects on Upwork and got 2 responses, fingers crossed the projects didn't close yet. This is purely for keeping the lights on.

  2. I sell themes on Gumroad but the sales are slow and I didn't promote it as much as I like. Last month was the best month made ~600$. May be this is a sign.

  3. App for FoodRecipes: I always wanted to make an app tapping into the food-market. Just stared at the screen for design ideas, maybe I should stop procrastinating and start doing.

These are the things that are in my mind currently. Follow for updates on the products.
Thank you for reading.

Peace ✌️ ☮️

  1. 3

    Over the next 7 months is your goal to make things, or make money?

    The answer to this should really shape how you spend your time.

    1. 2

      Priority 1: Make money for survival.
      Goal: Make products which make money.
      One of the main reasons I quit my job is because of the rise of No-Code solutions in the market. I honestly don't want to miss the wave.

  2. 2

    Really inspiring stuff, congrats on dumping the unfulfilling job!

    I'm in the fortunate position that I like my day job, but that doesn't stop me from wanting more and to build an independent future. Can't imagine staying in a day job you hate!

    Good luck!

  3. 1

    Good luck, I believe in you!!

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