May 8, 2019

7 Years of Coding Side Projects in 7 Minutes

Will Kwan @wkwan

2 years ago, IndieHackers inspired me to build my first stable passive-income stream after 5 years of coding side projects. I co-founded a funded startup last year, and I wanted to share the failures that led me to where I am now!

#inspiration #motivation

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    Good production value, very honest. Keep it up.

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    Haha, I knew it! I could see the influence of Techlead, right from the first minute! Your channel is off to a great start with its first three videos.

    Do you plan to focus primarily on content creation now or are you still building as well?

    1. 2

      No we're still building. But our product is for content creators so I feel like starting a channel is a really important experience for me to go through. RESPECT THE TECHLEAD!

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        Of course... after all, he is the Tech Lead, he commands respect and even his sponsor is... the Tech Lead.

        For a while it was chaotic choosing lunch options, but then he took charge and decided we're having tacos and a nice UCC black coffee today, like a tech lead does. 🤣

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    Hey, nice video, enjoyed watching it and getting insight into your journey!

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      Thank you, glad you liked it!