70% of startup ideas suck. Yours doesn't have to.

Validat.r is a service for solo developers who want to build a profitable software business and don't want to join the 90% who fail. With validat.r, we validate together your startup ideas before you spend precious time on coding your solution.

We know first hand that the first encounter with your 'savage' customers can be rough. It's maybe the reason why so many developers skip this crucial step. That's why we focus a lot on motivational coaching. Every setback is more learning and brings you closer to success.

There isn't a single methodology, but there are a lot of great practices from Lean Startup, Inspired, User Centered Design and Agile that we use to coach you. Iteratively, we will help you tackle assumptions and risk. You’d be surprised how much your final solution will have diverged from your initial idea.

Join us and succeed where others gave up too soon!
Go to Validat.r to become one of the 3 Alpha testers.

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    Hello Phalox, this seeems like a great idea. How do you approach the coaching exactly?

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      An update, our team had an interesting chat with Toon on our backpain program www.spineo.org . Through an interesting framework he helped us to focus more clearly on the clients and their requirements. He also coached us to perform more testing more early. Hope to continue the coaching with him!

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