$7000 dollars in side income with online courses in 2020 | Here's what I learned🚀

Hey guys✌

I just published a full income report on YouTube, showing exactly how much I made selling courses on Udemy & Skillshare in 2020. I also share what I've learned along the way and what my plans are for this year.

Here's the link to the video: https://youtu.be/vicsE2ycFbw

I'm doing this, because I'm big on being transparent. Maybe we can turn this into a thread, where everybody who wants to also shares their numbers?

I'll just give mine straightaway: In total I earned $7.011,16 on Udemy & Skillshare combined. Now it's your turn!

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    I love the transparency. Something I am really big on and would love to see more of is educators measuring the impact of their courses on their students over time. We've built a tool to do this. Check it out: https://mentalskillsgym.com/competence-pilot/

    Basically, if you want to make more money, you have to build more trust. The online course industry is full of a lot of mediocre material and having a way of standing out is critical! Measure to manage to grow.

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    That's a good break down of your income, thanks for sharing it!

    I have a couple of questions for you... With the experience you gained, would you still publish to Udemy as your primary source or do you think you could be better off publishing on other platforms?

    If you could make 7k from 2 courses (I believe that's what you have, right?) can this be extrapolated to 70k from 20 courses? What I want to understand is, after you created to original course, what prevented you from generating more courses and using a compounding effect?

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      Good question!

      I still think that Udemy/Skillshare are great for online course creators, especially when you're just getting started, because it's much easier to generate some income on Udemy, which can be really motivating.

      I plan on launching additional courses on these platforms as well, I just haven't had the time to plan, record and edit them in the past months, as I'm also studying computer science and doing webdesign for clients.

      There will probably be a point where I want to build my own thing though, because it's just much more profitable and unrestricted, but I'm still building up an audience, so Udemy & Skillshare will still remain my go-to choice for quite a while I think.

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