$7000 in 7 days with an e-book. Channels breakdown.

Hello indie hackers!

Recently I launched my e-book dedicated to UI/UX.

The idea was that it might be helpful for developers, founders and everyone who cannot afford a designer or anyone who just wants to improve their design skills.

I'm very far from the results that others had (remember Josh Cameau or Daniel Vassallo with 250-500k profit?).

But what I got looks like a realistic, more or less decent result. So here I want to show you what channels worked for me.

Here is what Gumroad stats say: https://cln.sh/VCgtGF (sorry, couldn't upload to imgur for some reason. IH, you should introduce image uploading, please!)

But these stats are not very accurate, because "Direct, email, IM" is a bit vague.

Let's see how I promoted it in the first four days.

  1. Thursday

It was the launch day. I made a tweet and send a newsletter campaign. Apart from it, I agreed with some influencers on Twitter to make a giveaway.

Overall I got ~$1000-1500 on the first day. The Twitter conversion was about ~2%, the newsletter one was about ~3%.

  1. Friday

I [launched the book on product hunt (https://www.producthunt.com/posts/100-ui-ux-tips). I didn't make any preparation, just put some gallery screenshots. Almost got the number of the day, but at the end of the day went down to second place.

Producthunt's conversion was about ~1.5-2%.

At the same time I posted on HN before I went to sleep :) Then I woke up and saw the submission on the front page.

Hacker news brought a large amount of traffic with the exact conversion of 1%.

This day almost every ~5-10 minutes someone bought a book.

  1. Saturday.

This day was full of hopes to promote the book on Reddit. The thing is, that the r/webdev has the "Saturday show-off" opportunity.

The post went very well, BUT, a mod removed my link from the comments. Someone even complained and second me, but that's how it was. Still, 5 sales from Reddit and some exposure.

  1. Sunday.

The thing is that I made a sample of the book and more than 1500 people downloaded it! So I made a newsletter for those who downloaded a sample book, and offered them a 20% discount.

As a result, I got around 30 sales.

Right now the sales slowed down significantly, and I'm looking at how can I keep on getting a few sales/day so that in the long term period it might be something significant.

That's it :)

If you like the breakdown or just want to support me, you know how you can do this 😅

  1. 2

    Nice one @Akcium, thanks for sharing :) I'm curious, how many hours do you think you put in to all the tweeting, book editing, promoting etc up until now?

  2. 1

    Its was an amazing break down many thanks for your kind information. But i have few questions regarding to my this channel https://kbcheadofficenumber.biz/kbc-head-office-number/ let me know if you can help me regarding to this.

  3. 1

    Nice breakdown, thanks for sharing.

  4. 1

    Impressive and would love to use the same tactics with RetroTeam - Agile tool for conducting retros remotely :-)

  5. 1

    Great to hear that Victor. Congratulations!!

  6. 1
    • you built an awesome audience
    • your content was great
    • you wrapped it and sold it and made money

    that's a win story :D

  7. 1

    Congratulations. I see you working super hard on your book the past few months.

  8. 1

    Congrats Victor, you're an inspiration!

      1. 1

        Also, this is my public request for printed & signed by the author's 1st editions!

  9. 1

    Awesome work Victor, you're killing it!

    1. 1

      If only I did 😅 Thank you

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