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8 Traits to Consider if You Want to Find the Perfect Co-Founder

Since leaving the corporate world, and jumping into entrepreneurship, Altar's co-founder, Paolo Dotta has founded three startups

In that time he's seen his fair share of co-founders – both good and bad. Whether it’s in the co-founding teams he's built himself, or co-founding teams he's met thanks to the work he does at Altar.io.

Through all of these experiences, he's come to realise that the majority of successful co-founders share several key characteristics:

The 8 Key Traits of a Great Co-Founder

  1. Technical Hard Skills
  2. Leadership Skills
  3. Passion & Commitment
  4. Zero Fear of Failure
  5. Fast Learner
  6. Lateral Thinker
  7. Alignment & Communication
  8. Obsessed with Perfection

And while finding someone with all these traits won’t spell success, it will decrease your chances of failure.
Cbinsights why startups fail

He's written an in-depth article exploring these eight traits, as well as three ground rules he's used whenever he's looked for a co-founder.

Check out the full article here.

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    Super helpful post, thanks for sharing this. Such a tricky thing, bringing someone else on board to help steer your baby!

    - the DEEP DIVE Newsletter

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