Growth September 15, 2020

£8k Instagram Giveaway → 1M new followers

Harry Dry @harrydry

Last week Molly-Mae did an Instagram giveaway. She spent £8k on gifts.

So far it's returned:

  • 270k new YouTube subscribers
  • 210k new Instagram followers
  • 550k new followers of her brand, Filter by Molly-Mae

That's < 1p / fan. Possibly the best ROI I've seen. Let's break it down:

alt text

The most important thing Molly-Mae did was time her giveaway with reaching 1M YouTube subscribers.

This gave it purpose.

It wasn't just an attempt to get some new followers. It was a celebration. And people got behind her.

alt text

Next, let's look at the specifics.

Molly-Mae asked followers to “like and tag”. She also offered bonus entries for “multiple tags” or if users shared the post to their stories.

Each one created a mini viral loop which helped the post spread.

And it worked. Her post got 1.9M comments (1900x her average).

alt text

So the giveaway exploded. To the point where it was becoming a meme. Boys started sarcastically offering girls £5 to not enter.

The easy thing would be to not respond. But Molly did. And her self-awareness took ownership of the joke.

alt text

Finally, let's talk results.

The aim of most giveaways is to grow the account hosting the giveaway.

But the problem is you end up with a load of new followers who unfollow or disengage after. Molly-Mae realised this.

Her aim wasn't to attract new followers (who just want the prize). It was was to incentivise existing followers to follow her brand account and YouTube.

And she managed to pull across 820k!

alt text

Okay. Last thing. Yes, it’s well-executed. But for £8k the return is still insane.

Molly-Mae's personal brand is what makes the difference.

If a fashion brand runs the same giveaway the numbers don't compare.

We don't celebrate brands. We celebrate individuals.

That's all folks. Hope you learnt something. If you really want to improve your marketing you might like my newsletter.

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Over and out — Harry

  1. 1

    Hello ! Thanks for explaining the whole mechanics. Do you think such a hack would work with a small account ~300 followers. If the give away interest the niche and the gigs are cool, would it work ?
    Or maybe it did work because she had 4M followers.

  2. 1

    Amazing story!
    But she already had 4M followers, do you think this kind of giveaway strategies can work on a starting Instagram account?
    If not, what's your best strategy to quickstart one?

    1. 1

      If you have followers on another platform it's a nice way to pull them over.

      I haven't worked out Instagram tbh...

      Just starting to post regular content there now. And starting to grow. Will let you know what I work out :)

      Jack Butcher had some success with a giveaway from a smaller initial base =>

  3. 0

    Amazing ROI!

    Also, a bit disappointing that this tiny return (statistically speaking) makes the young generation do all those things (follow on IG and youtube, comment, like, share), but they rarely share/engage with anything about the global warming that could wipe them or their children off the earth (or other causes). 🤦‍♂️

    I'm curious, what software do you use to monitor those social media metrics? how do you choose which profiles to monitor? or is there a resource I'm not aware of that's monitoring all profiles?

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