Growth March 24, 2020

90+ subscribers on first day and counting 😮


This was really unexpected.
I built Open Startup List in less than 7 day, and today I got:

  1. 1.5k page views 😲
  2. Over 60 subscribers 😬
  3. Interviewed for a tech magazine 🤯
  4. 0$ earned 🙃

I just ran with it. It was actually fun and nice experiment for a first product marketing experience 🙂

I looked at the analytics of a similar website I found. You can see they got a spike of over 12K views when they launched and since then it diminished and evaporated. I'm sure it will end up pretty much the same here. Unless I develop it the idea.

What do you think, is it reasonable to develop this tiny product? How would you develop this idea?

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    hi! I like the idea. In fact I wanted to huild this myself some time ago but abandoned it because of missing time...
    The startups that are currently on the list are just the ones 'everybody' knows. What would make this list awesome are many more entries. And some kind of filter to eg see only startups targeting the fitness industry. With that in place the site could become a really good reference to check how your own startup is doing.

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      Hi @Rallipi it would be great if startups could submit themselves, but it would be hard to control which is open and which is not.
      And it would look too similar to how PH works.

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    Hello & my compliments.

    I also visited your website a few days ago, before seeing you post here, and I'm delighted by this. It's terribly refreshing to see open startups, and I just get a tingly feeling when I see companies such as this that I can trust.

    I am sorry to say that I have no suggestion on how you could develop this idea right now :/

    I just wanted to compliment you on your site, that I'm very happy you're gaining fast momentum and wish you continued sucess.

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    How did you get those 1.5k page views?

  4. 1

    Thanks for sharing. How did you spread the word to get to 90?

    Btw I also shared how I got my first subscribers here:

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