News December 19, 2020

A 9-year-old is the highest paid YouTuber 🤷🏻‍♀️

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry
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    I checked out a few of the videos. Huge dislike ratio, probably due to the forced-fun.

    Quite sad overall this child is being milked for ad money through daily videos, rather than actually playing with their friends.

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      Agreed, doing something like that as a kid would’ve ruined me :(

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    Makes me think there is a huge opportunity for a 'child only' youtube clone. Obviously Kaji's audience must consist of 99% same aged kids, it would be much more appropriate to have them watch this content on child friendly app.
    One without violent or inappropriate recommendations....

    ...Given that those kid stars make up a large portion of views a child only youtube clone could pretty quickly prove a big win.

    convince parents that App X is better for their kids, enable adds, youtube kid stars will follow... BOOM!

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      As a parent of two young ones, this entire space is super disappointing.

      There's YouTube Kids. But there's no shortage of cringy kid friendly content such as this. I let my kids watch some educational videos on there and it only took 3 or 4 videos for them to descend into a toy-opening Youtube rabbit hole that was posing as educational content. I am not kidding. In the video, the kids where at desks in mock classroom with a teacher asking questions. If you watched for any amount of time less than 20 seconds, you wouldn't realize it was an unboxing video.

      Khan Academy kids is good, but older kids quickly outgrow it (6+). I found the best stuff comes from public/charitable institutions. You know, like the ones that don't have a revenue model tied to viewing time... For example public broadcasters that have good Kids Tv shows have good online content and even stand alone apps.

      There's a lot of stuff that is Flash based that is already hard to us and I understand will go dark completely very soon. Perhaps that makes the timing to create something in this space even better.

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        As a Dad myself I know exactly what you are talking about. We've made the same experiences where you pick a video (an educational, for you as parent acceptable one.) but then 5min in, and the video is no longer the educational one but someone promoting something.
        For me, the most worrisome is that youtube can very quickly become extremely inappropriate for kids, so constant observation is necessary.
        The standalone apps are great, but the content isn't community created.
        Pipe model vs. platform...
        I think there is a great opportunity for a paid app that shares revenue with its creators.

        What other great ideas are there instead of monetizing through ads?

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        This is why we don't use YouTube, if they want to watch something we have Netflix, Disney+, Amazon and CBeebies/CBBC (BBC for kids). It's plenty.

        My 9 year old some imes watches stuff, but we actively discourage it, not by saying no, but by finding him better stuff to watch elsewhere.

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      Youtube is missing the interactivity, build a html 5-canvas-powered playground with YouTube embed and you win.

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        100% agree. Especially in the kid's content segment. Imagine allowing creators to create interactive videos where kid viewers can partake in the video through gamification.

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    Ryan at 18: reviewing cars.

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    as a parent with kids, i approve this exploitation.


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    This kid is living the dream, getting paid millions to have fun! (and his parents must be loving it too!)

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    Having a young child, I'm pretty clued up here. There are a few others not far behind him and they are SIX. Check out "Diana and Roma", and "Nastya".

    Crazy numbers.

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      I can't bear watching it and mostly don't allow my younger ones to watch YouTube.

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        I just checked out the channels of the top 10 YouTubers because I was curious... I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but it's just an enormous mountain of garbage.

        But I guess that's the type of "entertainment" society rewards these days... sigh 😞

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          In the entire list, Blippi is the only channel that looks ok.

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            Lol I have to say I quite like blippi

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              I’ve never watched any of these channels beyond the 10 minutes of digging around I just did, so I really have no idea.

              But Blippi was the only channel that seemed to have any real value beyond attention-grabbing click-baity eye candy.

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      Oh I just read the article and saw that Nastya is also on there. Surprised Diana isn't.

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    ...forgetting to buy condoms that day 10 years ago proves itself best investment for parents. 🤣

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