Landing Page Feedback March 17, 2020

A collection of psychologically informed techniques for makers who want to build stuff that people will actually use. WIP.

Prathamesh Krisang @prakrisang

Hey hackers,

I have compiled a huge collection of behavioral (psychologically informed) techniques you can use for various purposes to build products. I wanted to make it available to everyone who is interested in similar stuff.

I have built this landing page as a starting point. The buttons do not work.

Tell me what you understand from this, this is going to be an evolving project.

Looking forward to ideas :

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    Hi. The design is nice. Very minimalist. I like it but I would try adjusting the different font sizes. There are too many different sizes and bold texts here and there for a page so text-heavy, it can be distracting rather than highlighting.

    I'm not sure about the product itself. I understand that this "thing" is going to help me create something from past knowledge but I don't know what you're promoting here. Are they ebooks, is this a SaaS, is it some kind of academy?

    Good luck with your project.

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      This is very helpful. Will incorporate your feedback. It is a bunch of different cards / articles that have information about different techniques on them.