A Database of Notes from IH Podcast - Is this Useful to You? (Airtable Screenshot attached)

Update April 12: I put this on Gumroad as an experiment (after someone on twitter asked if it was paid product)

Do you find the indiehacker podcast valuable and inspiring? But do you also wish there was a way to find episodes that are most relevant to you and your business? Or quickly find episodes discussing specific topics or business models?

I'm making a database of structured notes from IH pod episodes. The above is a preview. I plan to ship with at least 20 episodes by April 16. And I am happy to share copies with fellow indiehackers, enter your info here to get link to my airtable.*

Here are all the columns: episode #, guest name (link to their twitter), product (url), business model, tools/tech stack, business ideas (mentioned by either guest or host), guest's background, people mentioned, books/podcasts/newsletters mentioned, quotes, insights/patterns (repeating theme of advice, lessons learned, etc), parting advice (answer to the last question Cortland usually asks).

You can use this database to get a gist of what's in the episode and also filter to find episodes to listen to, the ones most relevant to you. Here are all the way I plan to use this database. You can...

  • select an episode to listen to based on the topics covered

  • filter by the business model and learn from founders who are doing b2b subscription business like @jdnoc Or get a list of episodes from creators of paid newsletters like @yaroslawbagriy.

  • get inspired by business ideas mentioned such as the podcasting industry one with @mubashariqbal and bundling / unbundling trend with @tilikang.

  • read all of the quotes and parting advice from various episodes in one view to find patterns and for general inspiration.

  • get recommendation of other resources of indies - books, podcasts, newsletters.

  • see what tools and tech stack of different founders are using to build their products.

  • find founders who you have something in common with - those who happen to be parents or who happen to be non-technical.

  • click through all of the names and simply follow them all on twitter.

  • find names of people mentioned, go look them up and learn from them. (that's how I first came upon @amyhoy and @alexhillman, multiple guests mentioned learning from Stacking the Bricks philosophy)

  • oh and search by how much money each business is making!

If ANY of those sound useful to you, get a copy of this database.

Who are you? Why did you make this?

Who am I? Well, without getting too philosophical, I'm a software engineer --> indie maker with a commitment to shipping. This database is my current project which I will ship on April 16, at the end of my "just-ship-it challenge".

And here's a story of my relationship with the IH podcast and why I made this database.

In the fall of 2016, I was standing on the platform of Embarcaderro BART station waiting for my train home from work, listening to a podcast. The only podcasts I was aware of at that time were software engineering radio and software engineering daily. This was a SE daily episode and the guest was @csallen and a website called indiehackers.com was mentioned. There were only text interviews at that time. I found the episode it's this one

I listened to the podcast mostly passively, like entertainment for the first few years. I was working full-time and had other life projects going and not actively pursuing going indie. Fast forward to now, things are different, I'm building my own projects, iterating to learn biz skills, and actively applying things I learn and advice I consume. I've drastically limited what and how much I consume during Work Work time.

Because of this, I have two problems:

  1. Only time I have to listen to IH pod is during non-work time. But I found that can't listen to it while walking or doing other things because I frequently have an urge to jot down notes.
  2. I can't decide which episode to consume because I'm more picky now and only want to consume what's relevant to me and my current phase in the indie journey.

Creating this database is a solution to both of these problems. Basically I can't justify time to passively listen so instead, I actively listen, take detailed notes, systematically organize them in a database. Now they can be filtered/sorted and best of all shared with others. If I can make something that can be useful to others while consuming the pod, I can justify the time 😅. So it's a win-win because Indiehacker podcast is full of gems and consistency manages to be inspiring and energizing.

Anyway, back to work! If you want to the DB here's the form again.

*P.S. Entering your email does not subscribe you to anything! This is not a ploy collect emails 😊 tbh I mainly want to test the assumption that this is useful to others. You can also DM me or send me and email if you prefer (my first name at my domain in profile)

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    Thanks @bhumi for including me! This is such a great idea :) Also I'm not running Newsletter Crew anymore but a SaaS called Playgroup now (https://playgroup.community/) for anyone interested.

  2. 1

    It's definitely useful! I can't wait to get access to the database!

    It looks like a lot of work for one person. Have you considered letting other people add entries to the table? This way you could also benefit from the database without the effort of listening to and categorizing all episodes.

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