March 12, 2019

A fast way to create project estimates

Karl Plaude @kplaude

Hello Indiehackers,

I’m working on a tool that helps designers and project managers estimate web projects. It consists of visual sitemap to prototype structure and simple excel-like form to calculate price and terms. A simple demo-gif to explain here:

Octopus demo

We want to keep it very simple and fun to work with. At first you prototype website structure and add content blocks to pages. Then you are finish with structure you go to Estimate tab and add hours to design each page. All hours are summed on the right panel there you can add additional project stages: frontend, backend development, project management and etc. After that you can send project link to client or export to PDF file.

We’re currently developing the project backend and planning to go live with beta in two weeks. Email me if you want to check the full demo.

How do you like the idea?

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