A free, crowd-powered platform to find problems for startups worth solving

So, I had this idea for a while now, but some recent posts on Reddit
inspired me to actually make it.

I named it "1001 Problems" in reference to the old collection of folk tales "One thousand and one nights", as I think with time it can as great a collection of problems worth solving.


I would love your thoughts on it - it's an early prototype!

It's a simple platform: You can submit a problem and others can vote if it's worth solving.
I think it could be really nice for finding problems to work on and make businesses out of it.
It's like a git-hub repo for problems mixed with a poll. People can vote if they think a problem is worth solving, this way some kind of curation is done by the crowd.

I have been talking to many other founders and one of our problems is:
People focus on trying to find ideas too much. But problems are more important if you solve a problem you can build a business out of it. Unfortunately, most developers don't really see the problems in industry, niche or field of work.
A platform that connects problem-solvers and problem-havers is a win/win for everyone.

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    the only problem that is strongly discussed on the site is that you need great site improvements :))

  2. 1

    I was looking for something like that just a little while ago. Keep going :)

    1. 1

      hehe, nice to hear, yeah im working on expanding it!

  3. 1

    great job Arne, do you mind if a post it to some of the startup communities here in oz?

    also what did you use for the charting? very nice design! what's it built in? these questions because I'm a late convert to code (business background) and love to learn how people craft their projects.

    1. 1

      thanks man!

      if you would post it to some communities that would be super cool! I would love to see it being helpful for people!

      i built it with react and for the UI i used react-material-ui, backend firebase, but if more people use it i will rewrite it with elixir/phoenix.

      For the charts i used react-pie3d (3d pie charts), which uses d3js.

      If you have more questions go ahead, i love talk techstack etc :D

    1. 1

      thank you, im trying to make it helpful!

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    Great idea, keep going!

    1. 1

      hey, thx for the comment, yeah i got some other features planned already to make it more helpful!

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    Interesting concept :). But even after you discover a problem, you should research it by talking to potential customers and see if they too feel this is a pain for them.

    1. 1

      yeah, ive been thinking how i could integrate this aspect to the platform!

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