May 26, 2019

A Hardware IH: Mic Preamp Kit (


I don't see much hardware hackers here on the forum, but I checked the FAQ and I think it meets the criteria :)

"You're an indie hacker if you've set out to make money independently. That means you're generating revenue directly from your customers, not indirectly through an employer. Other than that, there are no requirements!"

As a background, I've been supporting myself and family via web development, consulting and online sales of my own products. Last time i had a day job and an employer was 19 yrs. ago so I think I qualify as indie hacker. 😁 The one thing I haven't done though is making revenue via Saas.

But this post is not about Saas, but about my new hardware product I'm trying to launch. The past few weeks I got into a rut, and I'm almost into the home stretch of launching this... but other things got in the way.

So I'm going to use this #daily-stand-up as my accountability to-do list, to get my shit done.

I designed a mic preamp kit, with digital front end controls and an OLED screen. Photos here if you're interested.

Preamp Board:

XLR Board:

Logic Board:

My planned TO-DO this coming week.
Update DNS, setup website/domain at my web host.
Design a Coming Soon/Landing Page, with photos.
Gather email addresses for interested customers to get notified when this goes on sale.

Write assembly guide for Preamp Board
Write assembly guide for XLR Board
Write assembly guide for Logic Board

I probably won't finish writing all (3) assembly guides, but need to at least get started on them.

Thanks for reading!

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    Hardware! Finally! I've been wondering if hardware products would eventually start appearing on IH. As an indie hacker myself and the founder of PartsBox ( which is specifically designed for hardware builders, I have a keen interest :-)

    I'm curious about what the end product is going to be and what the target market is? It seems to be a niche product, am I guessing right? (most people wanting slightly better mic quality will end up buying a Blue microphone)

    Also, looking at the boards, I'm guessing the final product will not be cheap, right?

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      This is a digital controlled mic preamplifier. Target market is the guy who's into audio recording, owns or works in a home/commercial recording studio.

      Also, looking at the boards, I'm guessing the final product will not be cheap, right?

      This one uses the exact same preamp chip used in a few commercial units selling for $2,600 for 8 channels... which translates to $330 per channel. Of course, those commercial units come finished in a rack case, and a brand name cachet.

      My intro price will be way, way lower than that for a single channel. Maybe even too low and I'm trying to find the balance making it super affordable, without giving the "its cheap, must be low quality" vibe. :)

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    Taking preorders? :) I'm definitely into indie hi-fi. Bought and built my share of devices over the last 3 decades.

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      Will definitely be taking pre-orders. :) I have a small quantity of first batch for early supporters. I already have a second design mock up that I changed from "Get Notifed" to "Pre-Order Now" button.

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    Nice! I like seeing physical products on here.