A list of 30 resources I used to build all my products for free (and made $8K with it)

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    Thanks for writing this. Got to know about OVH and Tally. I see Zapier is very limiting in terms of it's free plan. I have recently migrated to Pipedream which has 10,000 free triggers per month 🤯. Their slack community is really great!

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      Oh I don't know Pipedream, I'll check it out!

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    Thanks for sharing. I will be adding Carrd, Crisp to my curated list of Startup Tools at StartupToolchain since you've a good reason for why you like them.

    List like these helps me offset some bias and add new tools to StartupToolchain.

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    Thanks for writing this! I also suggest the site twik when it comes to online personalization.

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    Thanks for the article. I have used some of the tools; Carrd, Airtable, MailChimp, Canva and Figma. I love the simplicity in using the tools, looking to develop my own business and see how that turns out.

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    Useful liest, I will add it to my top links for the future ;)
    Also, how many projects did you already started? Do you keep record on how many of them failed/succeded?

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      I started 4 (the 5th is about to be launched):

      3 are still up:

      One is stopped:

      • IdeaHunt.net: PH for ideas - I stopped it because I haven't had so much traction and I have no business model for now
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    I will test Tally. Seems interesting. Thanks for the list!

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    I'm using almost all of them + zoho mail for the email management.
    And I'll do my maximum do avoid ovh, one of the worst (I mean the worst) support in the planet

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      I use OVH for 10yrs now, never had any issues…

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