Ideas and Validation November 26, 2020

A Literal Digital Garden


Hey my people, how's it going, hope everyone is having the best time of their life building and working on ideas they believe in.

With that out of the way, I apologise for not posting in a while but I got a treat of an idea for you today. As I was browsing through indiehackers I came across a post tilted Building a Digital Community Garden by @rosiesherry, which talks about digital gardens, and is wonderfully written. However, as I read through the post, the title kept bugging me, what if someone builds a literal digital garden with pictures of plants submitted by everyone in the community and the story behind them. So I decided to write this post and ask you the community, what do you thing of this absurd idea.

  1. 3

    I'm good at digital gardens, in my literal gardens everything dies. Do you want pictures of dead flowers and plants? Or maybe kids playing in the overgrown weeds and grass? 😅

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      lol I am not that good with plants either, but my dad is like a magician with them.

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    I like it! Sounds fun to navigate around a "garden" and check out different plants. Wonder if there could be different themes you curate, like "plants I tried to take care of but died".

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      hell yeah... like indiehackers groups. What type of layout of the site would you prefer?

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        I was thinking a very retro look, like the lobby is just a picture of a few doors. Then you click to walk through a door and you're in a garden and the new background is an image of a greenhouse.

        Kinda like a 90s era computer game.

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