April 19, 2019

A Little Check-in

Ricardo D @HomeUnknown

It's been a little bit since I checked in to IH, but I really appreciate this community so I want to make it more regular to post here.

I've been thinking so much about creating systems and making all aspects of Home Unknown more habitual.

I think this is such an unappreciated quality of long term success, and I'd like to focus on it more.

Systems allow for regularity as well as the ability to trade out pieces for more economical solutions - which let valuable resources be spent elsewhere.

This is also a great balance against the very intense creative work that fuels great businesses.

While creativity can be the most fun part of running a business, they're also costly if indulged too much or really damaging if implemented incorrectly.

I guess what I'm pointing at is that the boring stuff matters, and I'm enjoying diving into it.

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    What kind of systems are you thinking of?

    1. 1

      Anything really. From automating social media, contacting users, scheduling actions, and certain specific things related to the website. Anything that can be done can be turned into a system.