A modular bag concept designed to be easily adaptable to your routines and side hustles. – Landing page Feedback

Hi, I'm just finished with my soft launch landing page on my new Modular Bag concept. 🚀 – https://types.space

My pain was that I always needed so many different bags for different purposes and carrying two or more bags at the same time. Therefore I designed a modular bag concept that can adapt to any hobby, routine, or side-hustle.

I would love to hear your feedback about the landing page, the concept UI/UX, or any suggestions you may have!

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    Slick. The domain had me thinking this had something to do with typography, so I needed to park that thought to take in the product.

    You know, the blueprint-y visuals really help convey the idea nicely. I like when sites have an interactive thingy like that. Good luck!

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      Thank you so much! – I will try different names :)

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    Very nice page, enjoyed your design very much

    1. Did you think about emphasizing the problem that you've highlighted in your message above?
      The reason why this may be important is because people see hundreds of bags around the internet, and therefore it is crucial to drop immediately something like "you life before vs. your life after you have our bag", so that a visitor sees himself in this guy who struggles with the current designs of his bags. And it should be specific enough to catch their attention
    2. It looks a bit "60 days till the kickstarter - ages till I can get it", so what do you think about creating some motivation for the visitor to sign up for your updates even today? Can be "get your bag before everyone else can" or "get a discount" or something else
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      Great idea with the VS section, I'm about to create a With / Without the modular approach section. I will try to emphasize the problem at the top also.

      I will split test different Call to actions – a super idea with the "get your bag before everyone else can" :)

      Thank you so much for the great feedback.

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        Happy to help :)
        Did you try to conduct UX interviews with your potential customers by the way?

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          Not yet, but it is on my planner. :) My idea is just to send them the landing page and gather feedback afterward, do you use special tools for that or other approaches?

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            Usually this requires an online session with a user to understand in real-time what is his behaviour, what are his thoughts and what creates tensions. Though honestly, i'm not so good at it :)

            I've recently seen an IH marketplace to find a special researcher who can help with these specific interviews, maybe you could find it useful as well https://ceed.bubbleapps.io/

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    Have you though tof a headline like: Combine a backpack + suitcase + x into one cool bag ?

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      That's a great idea I will try that approach and test it to see what works best. :)

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      Great Idea on the "What will happen if I don't by your bag" I will try to set up some scenarios. :) Why there is two Notify me is just when they get down to the bottom they have got all the "info" there is and is maybe more likely to convert. But do you think it's too confusing?

      Thank you so much for your great feedback.

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        This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

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