A new approach to selling productized services

Hey everyone,

Want to share with you a subscription management software my team has been working on. It's affordable, lightweight, and takes a new approach to selling productized services: offer a-la-carte subscription plans to your customers.

Our feature is focused on helping you convert your site visitors into paying subscribers. We are also constantly integrating with other apps people use and love.

Feel free to take a look at https://leteflow.com

Any comments or feedbacks are also welcome!

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    I like it and think it will appeal especially to no-coders as well as coders who want to save time building their payments.

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    This looks like what my users need at careermove.io

    Do you mind jumping in a call to discuss how we can help each other?

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    This is very similar to Verblio's pricing (https://www.verblio.com/pricing). Although I'm moving away from that type of productizing, I see this working for content writers, designers, and agencies focusing on the operations side of things.

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      Just curious, what model are you moving to?

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      Thanks for sharing @Arrigo
      Yes, it looks very similar to what we are building. Is there a reason why you are moving away from this model?

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        Multiple reasons. It's hard for me to build a consistent process out of each plan having different variations and optionals. It also gives the prospect too many options to choose from and they end up just asking you to do whatever is good for them. And, the most important one, people get fixated on the numbers... "But I purchased 4 articles and only got 3!" Yeah, but you're getting thousands of visitors + leads per month so I'd say they more than paid for themselves. A better way to handle this for content marketing is to introduce an attributable pageview limitation. We create x number of articles, but when you surpass 5k views, you pay us more. Zapier works this way and they are growing like crazy :)

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          Valuable insights. Thanks for sharing!

          Btw, I just added your service to a list of recurring professional services I put together. I share this list with small businesses I come across asking for professional service support. Hope you don't mind :D

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    I'd love to give it a try! I subscribed to the beta — how long you think before I can get access?

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      Thanks for signing up @mrdobelina
      We’re working hard testing the product internally. Will notify you through email as soon as it’s ready for beta!

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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