No-Code September 15, 2020

A no code tool for easily building a blog ? and add it to an existing site


something like Landen blog that could be integrated to an existing site


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    You could use something like
    They do an amazing job & worth the price to get started! :)

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      Thanks, Thanks, I'll check it out.

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    I'm not sure about the integrating it into an existing site, but Ghost is a popular platform.

    What do you mean by adding it to an existing site? Having your blog hosted on the same domain as your main site?

    If you're wanting something like then it might be difficult, but a popular approach is In the later, you can set your blog CNAME DNS record to point to a different site than your main root domain so that those requests are handled by a different server.

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      Thanks for the answer, is the "" a good idea for SEO optimisation on "" ? If yes it definitely a good solution.

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        It would be a different domain so it wouldn't affect the SEO performance of the main domain in any way. If you want to strengthen the main domain from a SEO perspective I think /blog might be better, but I am not a SEO expert so this is just what I think. But even on a different domain the blog can link to the main domain and that would help anyway if the blog becomes popular.

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        I'm also not sure what the best SEO approach is. The fact that it's a subdomain will not make it "worse" than if it were the root domain, though.

        I think it just means that the two are considered to be different domains in Google's eyes.

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    It would require code to get the URLs working properly for SEO.

    What is your current site hosted on?

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      Thanks @volkandkaya. It's for an old store on Prestashop and a recent one on Shopify. And yes it's for seo optimisation. Maybe as @BrandonClapp suggested could do the job.

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        Not sure about Prestashop but Shopify has it own basic blogging features so you would be using the same domain.

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          Indeed for Shopify, thanks

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