A place for writers who like design/drawing

I'm a writer who has long been interested in learning basic design and improving my drawing skills. I've always admired writers who can incorporate a great visual style to accompany their words, like Randall Munroe does with his essays for the New York Times.

For anyone else who is interested in this intersection of writing and art, I think you would like a new project I just started, called The Featured Image.

There will be weekly interviews with creators and coming soon some tutorials and case studies.

Would love to connect with anyone else who is an art-curious writer (or writing-curious artist)!

There are two interviews up currently that I think this community would love because they happen to be from two creators with excellent design taste and experience.

Nate Kadlac from Plan Your Next

Byran Ho from Startup Illustrated

I would be eternally grateful for any feedback. And if interested please subscribe to the newsletter, where I will putting most of my energy into.

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    Hi Erik, I can totally rely on your perspective on writing and visual art! And I love that you are interested in the intersection between the two disciplines! Actually, I am a graphic designer, a typographer and a writer. I wrote two books (in French…), an illustrated road-trip and a dark tale, and I'm currently working as art director and co-founder of logology.co. When I wrote my books, I was thinking at the images in the same time and put my design skills in the building of the book. Because to me, words, signs and shapes are interlaced.
    I'm very curious about your project! I'm not sure I understand all of it but I'm definitively going to explore your website and read the interviews. Congrats on launching The Feature Image!

    1. 1

      Thanks Lucie! Would love to check out your written work (and logology looks super cool). Do you have a link for your books or any other online writing?

      I’m still figuring out the exact execution, but my main goals are to help and inspire writers to start experimenting more with adding their own visuals (even as complete beginners) and also to highlight people doing interesting creative work that combines their writing and their own visuals.

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        That's a great idea @ErikJJ! I'm sure visuals can help writers to build their stories or to find words that matches the style they want to find. I made moodboards and collages to write my last book, it helped me a lot! This book is here (I didn't design the cover, but a hidden website in the pages): https://leseditionsdutyphon.com/all-collections/les-hallucines/le-chien-noir
        I did all the writing, photo, illustration and graphic design of my previous one: https://www.lookingforjanis.com/

        There is also a link between writing and the practice of scribing… And I think visuals are a good way to communicate on what you wrote too. I'll go check your newsletter! :)

        1. 2

          Lucie thank you for sharing your work, it’s beautiful (even not knowing French, it just looks great). And thanks for subscribing!

          No worries at all if not interested, but would love to send a few interview questions your way at some point and feature your creative journey and endeavors.

          1. 1

            Thank you @erikjj, I'm glad you like my work. :)
            I'm looking forward to read your newsletter!
            Send all the questions you want, I'd be happy to share my journey with you!

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