Building in Public September 28, 2020

A privacy-friendly Twitter reading experience

cri @cridev

Started working on

It aims to be an ad-free, privacy-first Twitter reading experience.

Also published a public nitter instance, that Decent will use under the hood

Getting some feedback and I'm curious to see If people are genuinely interested in

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    I like the page and how clear it points to the problem. A live demo would be nice, to see how you imagine it.

    One thing I didn't really get is why do you need the tweets on the right... Oh wait, or is this the live demo???

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      Hey Vladimir,
      Thanks for the suggestions!
      Yes, the tweets on the right (current landing page, not screenshot) should resemble a demo of how you will read your timeline.

      What do you think about that? Before the tweets were on the very bottom of the page after the call-to-action

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        I see your point now... It wasn’t obvious to me, though. Maybe make it more explicit?

        Also, do you have any ideas how to interact with people instead of just reading? Do you plan to develop something in this direction as well?

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          Thought about that, thanks for the hint. Right now it’s reading focused, with the possibility to briefly go to twitter to reply to a certain tweet.
          I think with the API and user permissions you can make also the interactions with Tweets without switching to Twitter

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    When I read this, one thing came to mind: Automated filtering of tweet reactions. Use a reputation system such as this: And make it so, that every person I follow is automatically trusted and the people they follow are trusted with a lower trust score, and so forth. Then depending on trust score, filter out the hateful, negative, racist reactions to tweets -- and don't show them to me.

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      Interesting, thanks for sharing!

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    Pretty nifty product I like that it's opensource and that it doesn't require email I mean it doesn't get any more private than that on twitter. I'm not sure how you are going to pull off reacting to tweets though, I'm very curious to see that

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      Hello Barak,
      good question. Right now it's not the focus (for now at least).
      I put out the landing page to see if the idea could spark some interest, let's see!

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        Super excited to see how that goes. If I happen to get an idea I'll be sure to let you know! Best of luck!

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          Thanks! Yes please keep the feedback coming!

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    Updated the landing page, added a CLI page to show how the CLI works right now and how it protects you from profiling and advertisement.
    I also created an open-source org on GitHub with the current code for the Website and CLI

    Let me know what you think!

    decent social preview

    decent social cli preview

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    Hey Christian,

    this looks interesting, I've never heard about Nitter.
    How does the follow/unfollow dynamics work without a Twitter account?

    BTW, last weekend I also made a Twitter-based project which goes (kind of) in the same direction.

    Subscribed to Decent, looking forward to see how the final product looks like!

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      Hey Tomi, following / unfollowing can already be done by using the CLI. The concept on the Web would be similar, in that you will get a Decent account (paid) and then follow people of your interest, on the platform, not on Twitter

      By being a paid service, our incentives are aligned, as Decent doesn't analyze, profile you and advertise based on your likes and interests

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