A SaaS Solopreneur's Toolkit: Lunch Money's stack

I've compiled a list of 60 technologies, tools, APIs, libraries, apps, etc that I use to develop, run and maintain Lunch Money as a solopreneur! I've also made it a point to indicate which are open source and bootstrapped.


Let me know what you think!

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    Wowsers, 60 tools. That´s a lot. Isn´t it hard to keep up with all the new updates and features if you use so many tools?

    1. 3

      Hm, not really. A lot of these don't really change that much over time, like the apps or utilities. The only things I need to keep up with are mostly on the engineering side of things, like updates to a library or framework. But major breaking changes rarely come by these days I've found.

      1. 2

        I always figured that having too many active applications would eventually backfire. That's why I love blogposts like yours. Shared learning experiences are always super useful. Thnx!

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    Great post! How do you manage sales tax on stripe?

    1. 2

      If you are in Europe, better switch to Paddle. They manage all the headaches from sales tax.

    2. 2

      +1, sales tax intimidates me and I'd also like to know.

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    I can't code if my life depended on it, but list looks solid! :)

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    Cool post! Feels like a thank-you page.

  5. 1

    Brilliant thanks for this list.

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    Awesome list. That is like the whole arsenal in your laptop.

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    If you have Sketch in there, add Figma too! (PC/Mac/Linux)

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    I'm curious why you chose to use Jekyll and Hugo instead of just picking one?

    1. 1

      My personal blog on Hugo was made 3 years before my marketing site! At each of those times, I felt the respective SSG was the better choice.

      1. 2

        Can I use lunch money with all those apps?

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    Nice! Very close to my stack for SongRender. One of the more stressful things for me about solo hacking is not having anyone to discuss technology choices with, so it’s reassuring to know that other people made similar calls 😄

    https://jake.nyc/words/tools-and-services-i-use-to-run-my-saas/ if you’re interested

    1. 2

      Wow, definitely lots of overlap! Very cool, thanks for sharing! And awesome product as well :D

      1. 2

        Thank you! Same to you — I've been following Lunch Money for a while, and your posts have definitely influenced the path I've taken with SongRender.

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    That's a lot!
    And it's pleasant to the eye. Is this the same stack you used when you started this project, or did it change significantly?

    1. 1

      Thanks! It's pretty much the same stack. The only things that might have changed are the third-party services. For instance I used to use Sendgrid to send all my email and now I've mostly moved transactional over to Postmark and I'm migrating the rest over to EmailOctopus.

      1. 1

        I'm currently using Sendgrid for email as well. Curious about what your motivation to switch was!

        1. 2

          Less than stellar deliverability rates and the costs easily pile up as your contact list grows! Also the features I rely on are all listed under "Legacy" now which is concerning to say the least.

        2. 1

          For me, it was SendGrid's decision to force 2FA using only text messages (not secure) or Authy (chosen because their parent company owns Authy). If they can't be bothered to support Google Authenticator, I will be bothered to switch away. I have zero respect for anyone who thinks text messages are a valid security channel.

          As of this month, SendGrid doesn't let users log into their accounts anymore unless they enable 2FA. <facepalm>

          Postmark couldn't bother to reply to my email, and so AWS SES it is!

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    Wow, this is a nice visualization and interesting to see just how big the list can get for one person! Also lol @ minesweeper.

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