A Simple Hiring Workflow for Small Startups

Hey all! I just updated our #opensource #handbook with very discrete and explicit instructions for my team regarding our interview process!

The focus is on speed and making sure that each candidate gets an expedient and respectful experience! You can find the original documentation here in GitHub.

Interview and Hiring Workflow

Our current interview and hiring process is, by-design, light and focused on speed, especially because our most important consideration behind the question of whether this person is the right fit is that we respect the candidate and their commitment time with us. Remember, each a candidate's experience starts the moment that they apply and every interaction from that moment on needs to be precise and timely.

Practically-speaking, we want to provide a clear and concise hiring workflow that removes ambiguity and guarantees that we can give our final & official position quickly so that no one is waiting around unnecessarily!

NB: Make sure to ask for permission when recording an interview!

The current workflow looks like this:

  • 1st Touchpoint: John will do an initial screening call, typically 30 minutes. John will be assessing overall "fitness" for the role including a high-level overview of our company, the state of our project, our technology stack, the people involved, as well as answer many of the high-level questions that they might have.

  • 2nd TP: If they are a "pass" John will email the candidate within 24 hours of the initial screening call and let them know that we're not going to move forward at the present time. Otherwise, John will create an email intro to Casey within 24 hours with any supporting documentation, link to their portfolio / LinkedIn, and any other important material to review.

  • 3rd TP: Casey with schedule a 30-45 minute chat to assess cultural fit, team dynamics, and background. Casey will also provide John a retrospective with a go / no-go qualification within 24 hours of interview.

  • 4th TP: Casey will also respond to the original email intro letting the candidate know that John will notify them within 24 hours whether or not we will continue with the hiring process.

  • 5th TP: John will then email the candidate a notice that the process is ending or do a new email intro to Agata.

  • 6th TP: Agata will respond to the email within 24 hours to schedule a 60 minute interview comprised of 2 parts: A 40-min technical review and 20-min Q and A session (and general cultural fit assessment). Agata will provide the candidate a high-level overview via email of the technical challenge and expectations for their time together.

  • 7th TP: Agata will perform interview and post-interview will reply to the existing email thread letting them know that John will get back to them within 24 hours. Agata will provide John a comprehensive retrospective and a go / no-go qualification.

  • 8th TP: John will email the candidate letting them know the process is ending or schedule a final call to answer any final questions as well as logistics (e.g. Start Date, Compensation, etc.).

  • 9th TP: John will conduct the final call and present a verbal offer to the candidate.

  • 10th TP: John will email within 24 hours candidate a written confirmation of offer as well as supporting material. Hurray!

We have been able to historically work through this entire process in just one week, assuming schedules are open and we've got a little luck on timing. 10 touchpoints total.

  1. 2

    How would you tweak this when working with a partner recruitment organisation?

    1. 1

      i would just make sure that you're in control as much as possible to make sure you have those really good touchpoints and not waiting for folks who don't care as much about your process as you do.

      i try not to use recruitment orgs, if i can. but, i know it's hard.

  2. 2

    How would you scale up this process when you have to do 10X interviews in a day?

    1. 1

      i'm not sure that's possible for an early-stage company... i've only done 4-5 interviews, top, per day.

      i think this will probably break past 10 folks on the team.

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