Daily Stand-up April 7, 2020

A Software Engineer doing Email Marketing...

Dan Schoonmaker @schoon

I just sent out my first mass e-mail to all the people on my list who haven't registered for the Caster Community yet 😬.

Damn, mass communication to people you've never met is pretty nerve-racking! I receive hundreds of marketing emails a day, and I guess I never really realized the time and effort it takes to put one together. AND I'M ONLY SENDING THIS TO 15 PEOPLE! That being said, like most things in this side-hustle process, I'm sure it will only get easier with practice!

I know it's irrational, but for some reason, it's less stressful for me to have 15 people subscribed to my newsletter and never hear from me (so there's no risk of them unsubscribing), than just sending them emails and weeding out the people who aren't really in my target audience anyway.

Just another building block during the side hustle building process 👷🏼‍♂️

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    there's something small and meaningful with a newsletter... it's really, intensely, personal.

    a lot of real relationships develop there for me.