Landing Page Feedback March 13, 2019

A stress-free way to get things done.

Tucker Schreiber @tuckerschreiber

Hi everyone!

Hoping to get some feedback on my landing page at

We're already getting a decent number of signups, but would like to improve.


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    the landing page implies that you have some secret sauce for productivity. does it?

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    Hey Tucker,

    This looks awesome! I was wondering what you are using for the landing page? I am currently using Landen for mine (


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      Hi Chase – yes I am using Landen as well!

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    I like the use of FOMO in the subtitle, but then you don't every explain what you're actually offering below the fold. I would add a big section on why this secret is so great and what it will do for me.

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    Is this based on GTD? The landing page copy makes a bold claim but there's nothing else to substantiate it. I'd expect some features or benefits that highlight the app's USP. and some testimonials from some real experts will help.

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      It's based on Ivy Lee Method - - i'll definitely add more content about it.

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    I love the way it looks! so clean :)

    Personally though, I'm still stuck with notes because it has a feature that no other todo app seems to have, login free.

    I downloaded and tried a bunch of todo apps, typically when a todo app requires a login/signup I just quit and delete it, I think you could try pricing it at ~1$ and just never require login.

    I'll probably move from notes when I find an app that:

    1. never requires login, just straight up costs money
    2. has a Mac app too without login
    3. auto syncs across devices using cloudsdk
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      Thanks! Those are great suggestions. I too have been stuck with notes for a while, but now I'm building this to scratch my own itch.

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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      This. I Saw the Landing page and I Still don't know how you are going to help me.

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        Thanks - will make some updates today!

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