Ideas and Validation February 21, 2021

A Tool to Convert Tweets into Blog Posts

Vera @verasun

Hi IH,

I'm looking to validate an idea - a tool that helps to convert tweets (including pictures attached) directly into blog posts on Wordpress/Wix/Shopify for SEO discovery purposes. For a small monthly fee users can select to combine their tweets and repurpose it into a long form blogpost for publication.

IH twitters users, are you all interested to repurpose your content on twitter into long form blog posts for their sites - is there a need for such a tool?

Thank you!

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    FYI Here’s an example of this functionality as included in Jetpack:

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      Looks cool! I'll definitely check it out since I'm a wordpress user. However, my issue is that I want to automate tweets into blog posts - both individual tweets and threads as I run quite a big twitter news account (news break out on twitter for me before it goes onto my blog).

      But I like the extension & will look into it :) Many thanks!

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    Honest opinion, I don't feel the need for such a tool.
    People would rather pay for tools which do automated RTs and follower analytics for their twitter accounts. There are tools available already for that I think.

    I would like a way to collect all my best performing tweets of the week and post a thread out of them.

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    For me, it's no. This would target subset of twitter users that make longer threads. While I do make longer threads, if I want to break it out into a blog post, I'm likely to want to flesh it out some more, which requires writing. If I'm going to do that, I don't need a tool to help me pull out the thread.

    Perhaps you need to ask people who find it hard to write, but find it easy to tweet. The tricky thing here, is to find people like that that wish to blog. For me, once I tweet something, it's kinda like I got it out of my system, and I may not need to flesh it out in a longer post.

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      I see, that's very insightful. I also like how you broke down the problem into "Perhaps you need to ask people who find it hard to write, but find it easy to tweet", this is a much smaller subset of people than I initially thought.

      Thank you so much for sharing :)

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    I cannot offer personal validation as I do not tweet or blog, but I can imagine those people wanting to use it. You should ask your friends who are big on the twitter game to see if they would want to use that. As a demo, you can take their tweets, and convert in into a blog and be like "Hey would you pay for a service that does this". I recommend doing this before automating the process.

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      Thanks for sharing! I personally run quite a big twitter page with 10k followers and up. I imagine it's only applicable to people who are big on twitter already and less active on their blogs. It's a small market, which would be a concern. It's also possible that its a problem that only I face.

      That said, I'd definitely make the demo and share it with some friends and see if it's useful. Thanks so much for sharing tips on validation, appreciate it :)

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    People who write threads (blogs as tweets) are writing it in blog format in various applications, so it could be easily spread into tweets.

    If they wanted to share it as a blog post, it would be easier to c/p that rather than taking it back from twitter via paid 3rd party tools.


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      You're right that it's common for people to write blogs before they do out the tweets.

      I run a big twitter news page and personally find it very annoying to have to copy my tweet-form breaking news into blog posts, simply because I tweet news way to much frequently than I can keep up with my blog. But your feedback does makes me aware that the tool would only be useful for big twitter accounts that tweet before they blog. This behaviour may not be common among the more general bunch of twitter users.

      Thanks again for sharing!

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