Digital Nomads September 1, 2020

A way to scout/explore a place without going there!

Akash Kadyan @akashkadyan

A friend & I are building a product to help travellers to explore the world, right from the comfort of wherever you are!

We’re doing a pre-launch on ProductHunt, we're planning to launch in few weeks.
It’s called Vibecity, basically we'll do live online trips with locals guiding you through.
Check it out on ProductHunt here ->

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  1. 4

    I know some french guys that are trying to build something with the same mindset :

    Good luck,

    1. 3

      Isn't it audio only? Not sure if audio is enough to give an exploration appeal. Interacting with local though, makes it feel like you're there

      1. 2

        Yes it is only audio. I believe they tried with videos at first but it was hard for them to have quatity user generated content.

        I agree with the local exchange, would be nice. "Just" need to find an interest for the local to do it.

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