Coronavirus April 6, 2020

A Week Lost...

Nick Walter @nickchuckwalter

Started doing some planning for the coming week and realized, I really didn't do anything of note this last week :/ I let myself get really stressed by Corona stuff and in turn spent A LOT of time on social medial trying to distract myself. None of it helped. I really want to make this week a week I move forward, where I do something. Even if it's not much, last week was nothing, so things can only go up right?

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    Yeah, it’s easy to lose focus with all that’s going on in the world right now. Don’t beat yourself up about it. All you can do is strive to regain that focus this coming week a productive one. Best of luck!

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    Yeah man, just stay focused. Sometimes we procrastinate when we are unclear on the direction. Always take a step back to make sure you are clear on the next steps before doing things that we think is "work"

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      This is very true. I need like a goal for the week that I can run towards

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    did you at least create any dank corona memes?

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    I totally agree with you Nick, start the week with a blast.

    Have a great week

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    I'm doing my best to only have a quick look at the news and social media once in the morning then once in the evening. It's hard, but I it helps keep me focused and sane on the day to day family and work needs.

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      Whoa, that's impressive. Thanks for the idea