August 11, 2020

A week of vacation to work on my side project

Drew Bredvick @dbredvick

About me

I'm a developer trying to build businesses on the internet. I write each week and a monthly essay at

Right now, I'm working on building out Fit Vitals.


Today is day two of my weeklong vacation, where I'm working.

I'm lucky enough to work at a company with unlimited vacation time, so why not use it?

I was feeling stretched very thin between working on an MVP for Fit Vitals link, work, and trying to maintain a personal life.

My goal is to have a product to actually sell by the end of the week.

I'm going to update this post with my progress as I build.

Wish me luck!



  • Created custom back end AWS Kinesis -> Firehose -> S3 delivery for metrics
  • Created property view page
  • Added charts for Core Web Vitals

core web vitals


Got the analytics working today:
core web vitals analytics

Also, the AWS free tier is wild:


  • Started displaying real data in my charts
  • Tweaked the data pipeline to add in more fields


  • Changed the charts to display
  • Expanded data model to handle sorting dates
  • Upgraded charts to ApexCharts
  • Added "Good" and "Needs improvement" markers

cls mobile


Have you ever taken time off of work to build your side project? How did it go?

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