Landing Page Feedback November 23, 2020

About to Launch our App. Does our Landing Page explain our Product clearly?

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    I like that your first screen tells me: what it is, who it's for, and how you're different. To me that's all I need to understand if I'm interested and proceed if so. Great job!
    I'm not a bettor so not sure if I'd have any questions to the content itself. I like that every feature has a high quality screenshot though.
    The thing I'd add is BIG "download now" section at the bottom, then an FAQ for objections, and then maybe an email signup form for "updates/free something" for those who still have doubts.
    Good luck!

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    Hi @OddsCrowd. I'm doing free first impression videos this week, so went ahead and did one for your landing page. Hope it's helpful.

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    I would add links to shop on hero buttons (app store, google play). The first thing I clicked was the app store button which doesn't lead to anything.

    Your website is extremely long, maybe create something like this?

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    Hi guys!

    We are about to Launch our App. Things we'd love feedback on:

    • What's bad about it? (Don't hold back!)
    • What's confusing/doesn't make sense?
    • What's good about it?

    Any feedback would be really appreciated!

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