Acquisition Channel Opportunities: Reddit, TikTok, Twitter

Want to get more paying users? I've analyzed over 3400 marketing articles over the past week to identify the top 3 opportunities for founders to help them get more paying users:

1. PPC too expensive? SEO takes too long? Try this new Reddit ad format

The news: Reddit has just announced "Conversion Placements", a new type of ads located on individual posts, above the first comment:


Reddit said these ads will enable founders and advertisers to "expand the reach of their campaigns and speak to a new, untapped audience, many of which land in conversation threads directly from SEO searches and are unreachable anywhere else on the platform. "

The opportunity: Notice the last part that I bolded.

Many individual posts on Reddit get traffic from SEO. According to SimilarWeb, 47% of Reddit's traffic comes from search.

Do you have Reddit posts that are ranking well for your industry? Try placing an ad on this location on that particular subreddit and see how well it performs. If that subreddit gets a lot of search traffic, it'll be like doing PPC, just indirectly (direct: user searches -> sees an ad on Google, indirect: user searches -> sees a Reddit post -> sees your ad there).

2. This TikTok API Release will usher a new wave of indie companies

The news: TechCrunch has reported that TikTok will announce its Creator Marketplace API at the end of September.

What can you do with the API: Get first-party data (information a company collects directly from its customers and owns) on top-performing videos, creators, trends and so on.

Well-known influencer marketing companies like Influential and Creativ8 already have "alpha access" to the tool, and I expect smaller founders to be next.

The opportunity: I recently wrote a post on why launching on an App exchange is a good idea. Every new big platform (like TikTok) usually goes through a process where they first open up their API and then launch an app directory. TikTok is in the first phrase now.

My prediction is that this API will unlock a throve of data and inspire indie founders to create niche products (trending TikTok videos you could port to YouTube, for example) that will grow into 4-5-figure MRR companies.

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3. Twitter marketing: What's working right now?

Adam Ilenich, the Global Community Manager for Twitter Marketing, did an interview with SocialMediaToday to provide you the answer. Here's my short summary.

Types of ads that work well on Twitter right now: In-feed videos and carousel ads (you could use two up to six carousel cards).

The biggest mistake businesses do with Twitter: Trying to blend in. If you blend in, you won't stand out.

Luckily, there are many ways to stand out. This Alexa tweet talks from the perspective of an AI, for example.

A quick way to see what stands out is to notice what's catching your eye. Go on Twitter, browse your feed and see what catches your eye.

The opportunity: Twitter is undergoing lots of changes right now. They just introduced Super Follows, opened up its Spaces API (see opportunity #2, same thing applies here) and, according to this influencer survey, Twitter influencers are much cheaper than Instagram or Facebook influencers.

There are many ways to utilize Twitter as you can see. Pick one or two and see where things lead you.

  1. 1

    Tik tok API release is super interesting - keen to see what is developed from here. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 1

    TikTok has been the #1 most downloaded app for the past few months. They have huge amount of data. So this API is opening up several opportunities for B2B apps. Pretty interesting.

  3. 1

    So with Twitter basically anything users are NOT used to seeing on their regular feed (videos, carousels) works?

    1. 1

      Yeah, the pattern is doing things that stand out.

  4. 1

    Pretty interesting stuff about Reddit! Wonder what % (on average) of people on Reddit are regular users vs. new search users.

    1. 1

      By non-unique visits, probably the majority. But by unique visits, prob 50-50 judging by the SimilarWeb data. Would be curious if someone has more info on this.

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