May 11, 2019

Acting for ecology and creating a business?

Kerian Pelat @Nartydev

A few days ago I posted a post about my idea here:

CleanerMap is a website (soon IOS mobile application and Android) that allows to list the places where there is too much waste on a beach, in the forest, ... It allows the user to post a photo of a place with waste on a map that will allow associations to gather more easily and organize events. Each user who posted a photo of a place will receive information on the website as well as by email (if they wish) of the place and the actions carried out on it (if there was a cleaning, if waste was once again deposited). Each user contributes to the scale he wants:

  • Take a photo of a polluted place and post it on the site
  • Participate in events to clean up places
  • Share places on different social networks to encourage people to react (to show the evolution or the current state of a place)

Cleanermap is divided into 4 parts:

  • Contributors (those who will post the photos of waste)
  • Organizations (those who will mainly act to clean the waste)
  • Events (contributors and organizations can organize them, it is often cleanings of waste)
  • Statistics on illegal waste in France

The problem is that with this I have no business plan focused on what I do, first I wanted to ask: is not having a business plan at the beginning is problematic?

I am going to run a crowndfunding campaign for this project to hope they will see the light of day. So the funds needed for creation will be there but I'm afraid for a lasting result and some things I can live through.

According to you, should I extend the usefulness of the site or look elsewhere?

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    I'm facing the same problem, I'm running but I have no business model. I have some ideas but currently not even sure how this business will go. As I'm developer, I dont need that much funds to keep working on the project, so this is money I dont need atm.

    Theorically, I'd say try to find a way to build a MVP without any funds (or the minimum) to validate your idea, check if users will sign up and use the product. Why would you leverage funds ? Generally, funds are required to accelerate your idea, not to build it at stage 0.

    There's a lot of tools to build landing page or product linked to excel file. Try to make it with the less. Uber started with their own cars with excel files and a phone number. Nothing else.

    If you really want to have a complex product, maybe find a tech cofounder.

    Think about a unique feature that you'll be able to provide with simple tools and no money. If it works, you'll be able to leverage funds to accelerate the growth.

    Good luck :)