Coronavirus May 26, 2020

Adapting A Non-Profit Coffee Shop for COVID-19

Collin Lee @collinlee

Thrive Coffee had a unique concept - open a nonprofit coffee shop in Richmond, Virginia that provided employment opportunities to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

After running a large community outreach campaign, and collecting some donations to build out the coffee shop, the Coronavirus pandemic struck the world. Like many others, we found ourselves having to adapt to serve our future customers, and employees, during the Coronavirus pandemic. This seemed like a major setback at the time, but then we got to brainstorming.

We decided that we had to put the physical coffee shop on hold for now, but decided to launch Thrive Coffee Roasting. We are able to continue to our mission of providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities through coffee - but now everyone can support from home.

All of our coffee is freshly roasted in small batches locally here in Richmond, Virginia, and is packaged to order.

The Thrive Foundation, INC, who runs Thrive Coffee, is a 501c3 nonprofit, and all purchases go directly to our mission.

Please check out We would love your feedback, advice, and - if you enjoy coffee - a purchase!

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