AdSense Denied my Site??

I was going to cleanly (as possible) add a few ads to TokyoSpark — but AdSense denied it, saying they don’t accept “under construction” sites.

It’s 6 months old, 83 articles written. I don’t say “under construction” anywhere.

So I assumed it was the homepage. I used to have a big email opt-in form at the top. Maybe they thought it was a “get in line” notification list for a launch? I don’t know.

So I flipped the content on the homepage and tweaked the wording a bit.

Then someone on Facebook told me the site looks spammy.

Everything on the site is written by me. I don’t have any ads yet, and only a few affiliate links — but they’re in the content where it makes sense (with disclaimers too).

Does my site look spammy? I did make the changes on the homepage in a hurry... but it doesn’t look spammy to me (though I am head down in it everyday, so who knows).

Thanks! 🙏


  1. 2

    In my one-person opinion, it looks like the type of spammy ads that show up at the bottom of or articles on spammy news sites. It might be the headlines, or the visual styling, but it looks suspicious to me on my phone.

    1. 1

      Damn Outbrain... ruining a good design pattern. :)

      I've switched the layout to an image list. How does it look now?

    1. 1

      That wasn't it. It has been approved now.

      Only thing I can think of is the design maybe appeared at first to be "under construction" in some way due to the opt-in box on the homepage.

      Or the grid of posts maybe appeared very "Outbrain" ad netowrk like.

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