Advertising August 9, 2020

Adsense rejection

Victor @victorbalta


I am currently facing a problem in being accepted in the Adsense programme.

I had one account well and live, but because I am not living in the country where I initially opened it, it was hard for me to transfer the bucks (needed a local bank), I closed it down and tried to open a new one. However, I am being rejected, and I cannot understand the reasons for it, despite being active before. Even tried to reactivate the old one since they provided such an option, but no luck either.

Does anyone have any experience with being rejected by Adsense? What steps did you take to solve it? I would love to hear your ideas.

This is the trouble maker ->

Appreciate any tips!

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    Hi Victor!
    Which kind of ads (topics) would you like to have on your website?

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      Mostly travel and health related.

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    Good luck with reaching out to them, once I've banned because I clicked my very first ad to see it on the analytics page. Boom! I got banned and over the years I tried to contact them at least 10 times. All I got is an automated reply.

    Since they couldn't dominate the mobile ad network, they are widely open on Admob side. You could try that path if you need an Adsense acc.

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      Sorry to hear that. It didn't happen to me though. I clicked quite often to check the functionality of it, but never banned.

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    I rejected by Adsense thrice before my site was approved—did they tell you why you were rejected? Also, do note that you can only have one account per publisher.

    There are two things I noticed on your site:

    It doesn't have an About Us and Privacy Policy page. Make sure to add both of these (on the footer) to increase your chances of getting accepted.

    A different person will review your site each time, so getting accepted might be based on luck as well.

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      Tried your suggestion, got ejected nevertheless - so must be something else :shrug
      I keep digging

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      Interesting. Will add that, and see how it goes.

      Thanks for the tip @notlhw!

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    I don't think it is a content problem. You might want to just email to people at Google Adsense about the older accounts.

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      How would you do that? Because form the way I see it, you can contact them only if you have a special business relationship. High volume website sort of. Small niche projects have to rely on documentation and communities instead, which do not have the answers all the time unfortunately

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          didn't think of that. will try

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    Hi, Is this website being rejected in Adsense or are you unable to get a new Adsense account?

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        If you need Adsense account, create a blog, add some good content and apply for Adsense using their internal application. This will get approved faster and with ease.

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          I have quite a significant bunch of users visiting it daily and don't want to sod it up somehow. Although, for new projects, this is a quite intriguing idea .

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            Use Blogger's Blog just for getting an Adsense account approved. Once it's Approved you can add any websites in that. Worth Trying...

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