Ideas and Validation December 8, 2019

Adventure Capsule Launch 🚀


Hi there,

I spent the past few days making Adventure Capsule. It is a time capsule service where you select the time and general area you'd like to find the time capsule and the level of difficulty. You then mail me the time capsule you've prepared and I have it hidden somewhere in the location you chose at the time you wanted it ready by, and I send you a series of clues for finding it.

A couple situations I envision:

  1. For your child's 18th birthday, you have a time capsule of baby photos, letters, etc buried somewhere in the Italian countryside. When they turn 18, they are sent a clue to go to the Eiffel Tower, where they find the next clue, which leads them through Switzerland, ending up in Italy where X marks the spot. A couple feet beneath the ground they find this box of memories and have made a bunch of new ones finding it.
  2. You are just turning 20 and want to remind yourself of what was important to you now when you are 30. You order a capsule to buried somewhere you've never been. When you're 30, you get the message that it's ready. You now have a family and take them on a trip following clues to uncover your old self and then get to share that with them.

So I wonder:

Would you use such a service?
Would you buy this for a loved one as a gift?
Where would you advertise this?
Any other thoughts about this?

Thanks for your time :)

  1. 1

    I like the idea in principle, but it seems tricky.

    Is the plan for you to take care of burying it internationally? Would you have 1-click-options like "Pay $X and you'll get an adventure spanning 2 countries; Pay $Y and you get 3 countries;"? Or would you require detailed instructions from the buyer?

    I'd be more inclined to use this if I could just say "here's money, make this fun, please involve France and Italy".

    Even so, not sure I'd use this. I like it in principle, but I have a hard time visualizing how I'd prepare the time capsule:

    • if I'm 20, I would not pay someone to bury a capsule for me 10 years in advance;
    • if I have a 17-year-old, then odds are, I won't have stuff for the capsule that they haven't already seen a million times. So it wouldn't feel special;
    • if I have a 5-year-old, then I could prepare a better time capsule, but again - I'm not paying for burying a time capsule 13 years in advance.

    Again - I'd be open to it, as it sounds cool in theory. But you would have to have a really compelling walkthrough on your landing page, as to how it would work, and what the outcome would be.

    And as for pricing, you'd have to make it cheap enough that I don't feel compelled to just go to Italy on vacation to bury the thing myself :)

    1. 1

      Great points! Thanks a lot. I was definitely intending to take the planning step myself: you give me enough money to cover it and I create a fun and challenging puzzle that takes you to your capsule. Definitely have to work on selling it. I think the price can definitely be brought down, but I think me burying it is a selling factor because it saves people who don't have time to do it time and it remains a surprise for them.