April 17, 2019

Adventures in Marketing: The book writing calculator


Let me first say that I have never marketed anything before I made my app.
Since I don't want to spend on ads and my SEO is miserable right now I thought: Lets make something that is free and useful!

Enter the Book Writing Calculator

This is a simple tool on my homepage to help people figure out how long it would take them to finish writing their book or novel.

The good:
Got a massive spike in traffic after I posted this in r/writing.
Some people seem to use this calculator to check regularly on their progress so I see repeat users come to this page.

The bad:
No conversions. Not many people stuck around.

What I learned
I only had a small link to the homepage on the bottom of the page. I should have been more aggressive. Also this was before I had a free version of my app. People who come for free tools want free tools first, I guess.

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    That's pretty cool. One thing that might help would be a stronger call to action. Instead of "I made writing app too," try to think of a way to tie the reason someone would visit the calculator page to why they should click to find out more.
    Right now the CTA is about you, but it should be about them if you want them to click.

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      Hi, Thanks for the feedback!
      You are totally right, that link doesn't really tell you anything about why you would want to click.
      I will try to make it more about the user. (The homepage itself also needs some work in that regard.)

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    Nice work. Do you have this calculator built into your software? Call that out.

    Want to automatically calculate this? Use this software!

    If you ask them to enter an email for a monthly reminder you can use that to ask them what other tools them want, what other pains they need.

    What were your conversion numbers from the tool to the homepage? What could you do to improve those?

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    That's cool though. You've built something of interest. People had a look. That's great.

    Perhaps think of how you can support the people who are coming to check their progress on a regular basis? How can you help remind them...perhaps? An automated weekly reminder?

    And then continue tweaking the design to help benefit and direct people towards your other stuff.

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      Those are good suggestions, thanks!
      Yeah, right now I am not doing anything at all to remind people of the page in general as there is no email list. I am still thinking about the best approach.

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